Quick Way to Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Mac




Introduction: Quick Way to Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Mac

Duplicates on Mac use extra space. When your Mac run out of storage, you may want to pick out these useless duplicates and completely remove them. So how to easily make it? Of course, it will be complicated and cumbersome if we plan to do it manually. So I used one smart tool named MacClean. Below are how to use it to easily find and remove duplicates on your Mac.

Step 1: How to Find Duplicates on Mac/iMac/MacBook

By using Duplicates Finder in its Cleanup Tools, you can easily pick out the duplicates on specific folder or the whole hard disk of your Mac. You can follow 4 steps to quickly make it.

1, Download and install this tool.

2, Run it and go to “Cleanup Tool” > "Duplicates Finder”

3, Select default folders, or drop specific folders, and click “Scan”.

4, Preview duplicates list, select duplicates and remove them.



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