Quick Wholewheat Bread Rolls

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As we are from Swiss and Italian roots, we love to eat real good and crunchy bread. But we live in Asia, where it is hard to find these European style breads. Of course you can find them in hotel bakeries but they cost a fortune. So I bake my own. 

I bake with yeast or even with sour dough, sometimes easy recipes, sometimes quick ones. 

This is a quick bread... well for a handmade bread this is quite quick. How you decorate them or even arrange them on the tray is up to you. I arranged mine like a wreath and sprinkled them with sesame and chia seeds.

They are quickly done, no special work, so if you have visitors or for breakfast on a weekend they are perfect.
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Step 1:

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For 8 bread rolls:
500 g strong Wholewheat Flour
1 pack Dried Yeast (7 g)
300 ml warm Water
3 tbsp Sunflower Oil
1 tsp Salt

Some sesame or chia seeds for decoration.

Step 2:

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I used the bread machine to knead my dough, just use the dough circle and let it rise in the machine.
You can also use the kitchen machine to knead your dough and then cover it and let it rise at a warm place for 1,5 hours.
Or you can knead it by hand until it is not sticky anymore and then cover it and let it rise at a warm place for 1,5 hours.

Than knead the dough again and cut it into 8 (or more) pieces and roll each piece into a ball. Now turn the pieces over and fold with a finger the sides into the middle until the roll is nice and round and the top is stretched. Pinch together the bottom of the roll, so it will not open. I then formed mine into an oval shape.
sanawaqar1 year ago
can i make it lil sweet?
Pane-Bistecca (author)  sanawaqar1 year ago
If you like sweet breads, you should not use wholewheat, it's just to strong of taste.. use white flour, use this recipe and add 1-2 tbsp sugar. That will make it sweet... but if you really like sweet breads use this recipe and add also 1-2 tbsp sugar, that will give you a wonderful sweet dough.
fiftikhar1 year ago
this looks awesome but i have a question. what is it served with?
Pane-Bistecca (author)  fiftikhar1 year ago
Bread is served to anything, eat it for breakfast with jam, cold cuts or cheese, eat it as sandwich with some cold cuts or chicken inside, eat it for snack with a steak or for dinner accompanied by chicken or vegetables. Bread is the rice of the Europeans.
sukkar 1 year ago
what do you mean by 1,5 hours? is it one day and 5 hours or what?
Pane-Bistecca (author)  sukkar 1 year ago
1,5 hours = 1 hour 30 minutes