Step 6: Step Five

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From here the possibilities are quite endless. It can be overbust or underbust (just cut it to your desired height.) you can use tape to put a design on it, or cut it again to allow more lacing. Folding tape along the edges in a contrasting color to finish it looks neat.

When you have it the way you want it, take a hole-punch (or a nail) and put an even number of holes in the front (5-10 per side.) Lace it up and you're ready to go! (Well, you my want to find something to wear with it, first.)
lbaran3 years ago
I have heard that older metal blinds are great for cheap boning. Find a thrift store and you'd have a life-time supply.
popocops3 years ago
This was really cool! If you picked a nice fabric for the tshirt you wrap the tape on then when you cut it off could you reverse it and have that as the outside fabric?
Really cute idea!! It's really important to remember that this is not a real corset. It does not have real boning, and attempting to lace this tightly will cause severe circulation problems and won't deliver the desired effect anyway... Decorative only, as it were--But in no way does that detract from how cool this is! :D

Hell, if you wanted to go all out on this idea you could pick up corset boning off the internet or from your local sewing store, but I'd still recommend adding a lining fabric because they're rough metal or plastic and would probably hurt your skin.

Thanks for the great project!
Hapless (author)  autonomousart4 years ago
I agree that it isn't 'real' in a foundation garment sense. (As far as circulation problems go, however, I imagine you'd tear up the garment before you would do any lasting damage to yourself. )

--but I really don't think tape would ever be a good idea if you wanted to tightlace or wear daily (even with boning) as tape tends to stretch out and get gummy around the laces and edges when stressed too far. (plus, it doesn't breathe like fabric!)

I think this is best used for costuming applications (parties, low budget theatre, etc) as it works well at holding flouncy shirts/skirts down. Or even to make a pattern for a fabric corset (it would be custom, easy to cut up, and the pieces would hold their shape unlike paper patterns.)

Thank you for the disclaimer autonomousart!
No problem, i wasn't aware that the tape deteriorates over time. Suppose i'll just keep this cutie limited to rocky horror myself! :)
Great tutorial.