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Introduction: Quick and Dirty Easel for Kids

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Here is a quick way to have an art easel set up for two kids outside. It only takes a few minutes to put up and take down and uses stuff that you have lying around.

All you'll need is a ladder, two old cardboard boxes, and some tape.

Open the ladder, and then tape a cardboard box to each side of the ladder. Add Children and paint and have some fun!!

Don't forget to put on strong sunblock.

Cleanup is a snap.

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    Quick & to the point! I like it!

    Shhh...I know, but they are far too confident already. lol. Thanks!

    That is great! Painting is always fun, and this looks like a great way for kids to have fun painting without making a huge mess in the house :)

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    Also doesn't add to the 'kid clutter' which is everywhere. Who needs one more plastic item to trip over when not in use?