Picture of Quick-and-Dirty Modular Storage
IMG_0949 copy.jpg

Furniture should have the flexibility and versatility of a good building toy. Stacking, combining, and re-configuring discreet elements to make storage for any space would save money and reduce waste. Instead of replacing the old furniture that doesn't fit in a new space, just take apart what you've got and re-assemble it in a configuration that works. With the multitude of rapid prototyping tools at our fingertips these days, we can produce dozens of copies of basic elements, then make highly specific specialized pieces for unique applications.

This quick-and-dirty laser cut modular storage system does just that. It's a 14 1/2" X 14 1/2" square box with one open side, allowing you to snugly fit a dairy crate in the box. There are also 4 evenly spaced holes on each face. The spacing of the holes allows you to stack and attach the blocks in a number of different configurations: side by side, vertically, horizontally, and stepped (like bricks).

Instructables' office is on the second floor of Pier 9 where there is limited space, even more limited storage, and exposed overhead steel trusses all over the place; so for the first use of this modular storage system, I made an attachment for an industrial truss trolley so we can move the storage around the office.

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sgsidekick5 months ago

I LOVE the design!!! Wish I could download it, but don't have anything for that format I'd be making a wall of these!!

(probably already been thought of) I'm sure you could hack a RC car or something and give it a little motorised drive wheel so it could be remote driven up and down the office. :D

Ecellent job though!

JON-A-TRON (author)  GarlicCharge1 year ago

That's a good idea. It would be cool to put up like 10 of them with motors and do something like the mobile library stacks:

taivalmaa1 year ago
Pretty awesome
JON-A-TRON (author) 1 year ago
Glad you like it- make one of your own!

I saw these materializing around the office! Very cool to see how you built them!