Introduction: Quick and Dirty Relief Sculpting and Mold Making

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You can quickly make relief sculptures with just a few tools, a toilet to sit on, and some imagination!

This tutorial is great for making ornamental objects to cast in paper, resin, plaster, wax, or concrete. You could make some truly awesome stepping stones for your yard!

Sculpting Materials:
a lid (any shape/size)
small sponge
cuticle stick
small wire loop clay tools
small round objects for eyes(like marbles/flat marbles)
spray bottle with water(to remoisten drying clay)

Mold Making Materials:
liquid latex
a smooth board/surface you won't mind ruining(old cutting boards are good!)

Step 1:

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The full tutorial is here on my web album:

You can use the pattern below to recreate the impish green man face.
Scale the pattern to the size of a round lid you are using.
Cut out the paper pieces.
Flatten some clay to 1/4-1/2 inch
Trace around the paper pieces with a clay tool and place them on the face.
Follow the tutorial instructions to blend the clay and add details!


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