Picture of Quick and Dirty curtains
this is a step by step for how to make a quick set of curtains for any room where a clean function driven aesthetic is all you need. This is for the curtains only, the hanging portion will be next, so STAY TUNED!!!
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Step 1: Fabric and measurements.

No picture here, but first things first. Measure the window to be covered. Measure to the outsides of any moldings so the whole window will be covered, then double your width to make sure you have some nice drapey curtains. Lastly, add enough width to take into account the hem on both sides, and bottom, this instructable will add 5 inches of width (four hems, two per curtain) and 3.25 inches in length (large top and small bottom hems.)

Go to the fabric store and pick a fabric you like. These curtains will be cut so the "grain" or warp is running top to bottom, so make sure the fabric bolt is at least as wide as each curtain you want to make. Buy enough yardage to accommodate all your curtains. I bought 4 yards of 48in wide fabric to cover 2 50in x 30 in windows and it worked out well.

Step 2: Hem 3 sides of each curtain.

Picture of Hem 3 sides of each curtain.
You will want to clean hem (double fold so no raw edges show) 3 of 4 sides on each curtain. I used a 3/8 clean hem folder to make my life easier, but you can just fold once @ .25-.5 inches and then fold again, pin and hem if you don't have a folder. Leave one edge raw as the top hem will be much larger.