Quick and Dirty Picture Hanger





Introduction: Quick and Dirty Picture Hanger

Need to hang a photo on your wall, but all out of hardware? This will do the job.

Step 1: Brand New Picture? Blank Space on the Wall? No Hardware? No Problem

You can either go down to the hardware store and buy a fancy bit of hardware, or you can improvise. A soda tab works perfectly.

Step 2: Drink a Soda

First, drink a can of soda. There are any number of choices out there, Pepsi, 7Up, and all manor of others, just drink it. Once the soda is finished remove the tab.

Be gentle in removing the tab, if the inner ring is broken then you will have to begin the process again, and thats not good for your teeth.

Step 3: Mount

Screw the soda tab to the picture frame through the small inner ring.




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    Quick tip for anyone following this tutorial:

    Open the can, then turn the ring 180 degrees (so the ring is aligned with the hole) before "pushing down", the ring will always come up intact.


    This is a great idea. This was a signature hanger used by the late folk artist "Mose T" for his paintings. If you have never heard of him Google him and check out his work.

    good idea, what kind of picture dosent come with a hanger already on though...

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    Remember, we're talking about super cheap here.

    This is to go with your home-made frame. Again, for the really super cheap.

    And then there are those who just like to make things themselves, and often they come out nicer than those one can buy in a shop. DIY (and recycling/repurposing) is not all about doing things on the cheap. I find that with the flood of ready-made crap available from various sweat-shop industries, making stuff myself is often more costly than just buying it, but so much nicer and more likely to last as opposed to ending up in landfill.

    Actually, I *just* bought a lovely frame from NWL yday and wouldn't you know it, no picture hanger!
    It's one of those kinds that look like a box from behind though, so this hanger won't work...


    11 years ago

    this seems so simple that I'm not sure how you could include anymore instructions...

    *hint* if you turn the tab towards the hole you drank your soda from and push it inside without dropping it, you won't break the "inner ring"

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    It was simpler, but i got some flak for not including enough, so i decided to make sure every step was as clear and detailed as can be.

    I'm not sure I'd call a picture hanging hook a fancy bit of hardware. Good idea, bad instructable. I can see what you're doing, but there are no instructions, which are kind of important here.

    Bad instructable, it dosent tell you how to attach it, im confused.