Quick and Easy Alien Abduction Lamp





Introduction: Quick and Easy Alien Abduction Lamp

Here is my take on the alien abduction lamp.

Step 1: Materials:

Paper plates
Foil Duct Tape or Silver Duct Tape

3/4 inch mini duct tape or washi tape

24 oz. plastic glass

green cardstock or paper

Easter egg shell or bottle cap

battery tea candle

double sided mounting tape

cow space abduction template.pdf (download)

Cut the foil tape into diamond shapes and wrap around the two plates to make saucer. Use half of Easter egg for

cockpit. Apply washi tape. Make standup of cow. Place under glass for tractor beam effect. Use knife or micro saw to cut bottom off glass. Affix tea candle to bottom of saucer. Avoid lonely country roads.



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BTW If the clear plastic glass is hard plastic i e not a disposable cup stick the tea candle in the bottom without cutting it. Most disposable picnic style glasses will cut easily -- madgeekmike