This is an easy to make Jacket that you can easily customize by using different types of fabrics and making this in different lengths. It can easily be made with most types of fabrics but I have used fuzzy fleece for ease of use and it is oh so comfy and warm. The one shown here is the basic coat but you can also use contrasting binding on the edges, buttons or a belt to close it. It can be made short like a bolero or long like a kimono. The sky is the limit on the ways you can customize this jacket!


Fabric of your choice in an arms width length. One to three yards depending on how long you would like the jacket to be.
Coordinating thread
Chalk, pins or tape to mark the fabric
Ruler or something you can use to get fabric square

Step 1: Quick and Easy Bog Jacket

Choose the length and the armhole depth

Have your fabric about the width of the span of your arms (or less if you would like shorter sleeves)

A. Measure from the top of your shoulders down to where you would like the bottom of the jacket to reach. You can make this short like a bolero or as long as you would like.
B. Measure from the top of your shoulder down to where you would like the armhole depth to be. This can vary from close to the underarm or even as long as the waist if you decide to make this look more like a kimono.

Add these two measurements together for the length of fabric

Cut out your fabric to make a rectangle of the dimensions you chose. Be careful to make sure the fabric rectangle is squared.

In this instance we went with the width of the fabric and the length is 30 inches (20 inches for length of jacket and 10 inches for height of sleeves).

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