Quick and Easy Bow





Introduction: Quick and Easy Bow

This is a quick and easy way to make a longbow. All you need is a relatively large palm tree (I live in Florida so that was not a problem). How quick? Super quick you will be shooting homemade arrows in no time.

Step 1: Find Supplies

1. Find a palm frond that is long enough for your liking
2. Locate a saw to cut down said palm frond
3. Step back to admire your handywork
You can only use the green palm fronds the dead ones wont work

Step 2: Notching and Stringing

All you need to do to notch a bow is to cut a "V" shaped notch in the end of the shaft. I used 50 lb test monofilament for the bow string, not because it is a really excelent material just because it was readily available to me at the time. My not preference is probably a fishermans knot (Just because it is very simple & self locking). You tie one end and loop it around one of the notches. Then you tie another loop (same knot) and place it on the other notch.

You now have your simple quick bow <-_->

I will make a follow up instructable about arrows fairly soon



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    Is it strong enough to hunt small game with ?

    What is the draw weight?

    how far does it shoot

    Really cool. I actually just finished an instructable that is the same thing, except i used an "L" shaped notch (but i dont think it matters) and i like a little further north, so i had to use a thicker wood. This is really cool, fun and easy to make. Nice job!

    I'm very sorry if the answer to my question is rather obvious to archery enthusiasts and bowyers, but I would like to know what the phrase "(number ex. 55)# at (number ex. 28)" draw" means.

    3 replies

    55 pounds at a 28" draw length-Pounds measured with a spring scale. Length measured with a yard stick. Typical ratings for these bows.

    No way it has that much draw weight

    you sound like you know what you're doing!

    How do you re-enforce the palm frond cus mine keeps breaking

    What you should do is make it like a real bow and , keep teh string on, and water/steam/heat treat it so if you take OFF the string it retains teh bow shape then string it the oppisite way so its much more powerfill and accurate


    thats a cool bow.....i once built something like this, but with dead palm brnches...of course , it didin't lastt 2 days, it just broke after a few uses....but somehow, i made another bow using palmwood,wich works prety good(palmwood,not the branches)...

    hey not trying to rain on your parade or anything but if it doesn't work on dead fronds won't it just snap in 2 when it dries out? like in about oh 3-4 weeks? or do palm fronds work diferently than wood? i live in wisconsin so i wouldn't know. Any ideas on the draw and poundage?

    1 reply

    Yes! It actually would! Very clever.

    finaly i find a way to make a bow out of the trees in florida.

    for string i just used twine u can get som at the 99c store

    lolz uhh does it work

    hey i tried it, but since i didn't have a good string i braided 3 fishing strings together 3 times then braided those together so that i had 9 pieces of string on the bow. The bow worked great and i could send it the width of my yard (about 35 to 45 yards). But do not pull the string back to far because my center was not strong enough to hold the weight and it snapped. I will make another one and try to post it. Great INSTRUCTABLES!!!

    1 reply

    For my bow, I got another, thinner, shorter, strip and steelwired it to the main bow, near the center. IT WORKS GREAT!

    hey this is a great design i have made bows from palms for a while, i use a date palm when it is dry and good bow is about 4.5 feet tall and it works awsome and for the string i just used normal thick white string, works fine. and by the way i live in Australia if you wanted to know.