Picture of Quick and Easy Bow
This is a quick and easy way to make a longbow. All you need is a relatively large palm tree (I live in Florida so that was not a problem). How quick? Super quick you will be shooting homemade arrows in no time.
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Step 1: Find supplies

Picture of Find supplies
1. Find a palm frond that is long enough for your liking
2. Locate a saw to cut down said palm frond
3. Step back to admire your handywork
You can only use the green palm fronds the dead ones wont work

Step 2: Notching and Stringing

Picture of Notching and Stringing
All you need to do to notch a bow is to cut a "V" shaped notch in the end of the shaft. I used 50 lb test monofilament for the bow string, not because it is a really excelent material just because it was readily available to me at the time. My not preference is probably a fishermans knot (Just because it is very simple & self locking). You tie one end and loop it around one of the notches. Then you tie another loop (same knot) and place it on the other notch.

You now have your simple quick bow <-_->

I will make a follow up instructable about arrows fairly soon

GDADZGSONS2 years ago
What is the draw weight?
gunshow2 years ago
how far does it shoot
*Knot AWESOME 'ible!

 4 ½ stars!