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Introduction: Quick and Easy Chair Seat Reupholstery

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This is a quick guide to show how to reupholster a chair seat in double quick time. Giving old chairs a very speedy makeover!

Step 1: Removing the Old Cover

Remove the seat base from the chair, ours was attached with four screws. Then remove the staples holding the old cover down, a nifty staple remover is great but pliers and a bit of elbow grease will get you there!

Step 2: Position Your New Fabric

Get your new fabric cover in place. Because of the fabric design we were using we wanted one of the stag heads right in the centre. When we had our fabric in position we pinned it in place to ensure it didn't slip.

The Fabric we used is this beautiful furnishing fabric called Monarch Of The Glen

Step 3: Staple Your New Fabric to the Base

Pull your fabric tight and then staple down. We stapled down the sides first and then worked on the corners. For the staple gun we just used a cheap model bought off eBay for around £10 but it worked great!

Step 4: Add a Lining to the Base

This step is optional but adds a nice finishing touch. We stapled on a diprol which is a low cost fabric ideal for this task. It can be found here!



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    thank you seamster! I was very nervous about posting our first (hopefully of many!) instructable