Quick and Easy Clam Biscuits (Cookies)





Introduction: Quick and Easy Clam Biscuits (Cookies)

This is my first Instructable so please be kind. My son recently celebrated his 3rd Birthday and all he wanted was an Octonauts themed party. So on top of all the games, cakes and other treats I made some of these Clam Biscuits. These are not my original idea, as a have seen several variations on the web.

So here is my method, and I hope you enjoy.

Thanks to my husband (https://www.instructables.com/member/scooter76/) for introducing me to in Instructables and helping with the great party.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Cookies (any will do, but make sure they are round)
Pink icing (I bought some pre-made from the shop)
Candy eyes (purchased mine on ebay)
Round white candy for the pearl (what ever you can find in the shop)

No tools are required

Step 2: The Meat of the Cookie

Flip the cookie upside down and coat the majority in pink icing. At the back, add a little extra as this will help hold the top on later

Step 3: The Pearl

Add the round white sweet at the front of the cookie in the icing

Step 4: Add the Head

Place another cookie on top, and use the extra icing at the back to help hold it together

Step 5: And Then They Could See....

add a little icing to the back of the eyes and add to top of the cookie

Step 6: Enjoy

These turned out great, and you could make so many variations of your own. In total I might have spent £5 for about 25 clam biscuits.

Please leave a comment with any advice for improvements.

Thank you



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