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Ok, This instructble is going to be quick and easy. I'm guessing that a good bit of you all have seen the preview
for the new movie Cowboys & Aliens if not here is a link to the trailer. Ok, now those who just watched the trailer and are getting over the initial shock of the actual idea of a Cowboy vs. Aliens movie welcome back. Now remember that awesome little wrist/gauntlet weapon our main character had?! Good cause this instructible is going to show you how to get your hands...wrist around one.

Step 1: I'm thirsty lets take a break.

Picture of I'm thirsty lets take a break.
Yep,  just started this instructable and we are all ready taking a break.... hey, when you working a 8 class schedual and working on instructables you need a little time for yourself so go down to your local 7-11 and get yourself a Slurpee. Now that your at 7-11 and oh look they have a promo slurpee cup from the movie Cowboy and Aliens. Yeah, thats right, that's the one you have to buy its around 7 bucks + what ever your tax rate is ( .6% down here in SC )anyways, make sure its the cup with that looks like the gauntlet.

Steps to take:

pay for it

Tell the clerk have a Good One


Drink Slurpee (But not too fast or brain freeze or go ahead if your into that kinda of stuff)

kelfire4 years ago
i am selling them too, with the cup already removed.
what country can u get the cups from?
I am in the US.
cowboys & aliens wrist blaster.JPG
Deadendshop34 (author)  jcartelli3 years ago
Ebay would be your best bet now that the promo is over.
kelfire4 years ago
I have a video on this at
its a shame that there arent anymore 7-11s in south carolina anymore.
I snagged mine on ebay for about 15$ shipped as there are only a couple of 7-11's around here and you honestly couldn't pay me to go to those neighborhoods.
Deadendshop34 (author)  recklesskiba4 years ago
That's true but there are a few knock off versions of it where the sings look exactly the same but you know there is something shady going on.
ryanmercer4 years ago
Wow that thing was a pain to get off, now I have to go pick up a clasp and hinge as my giant hand didn't want to fit through haha.
pdreadful4 years ago
Cool thanks! Put that in the instructable, because "carefully remove cup" are not complete instructions. Sweet. Cant wait to play with this thing.
pdreadful4 years ago
How the HECK did you get the piece off the cup??? I bought this thing weeks ago thinking I could make a plaything out of the gauntlet too, but the damn thing doesnt come out of the cup. I sat there with a butterknife and tried to slip it into the space between the cup and the gauntlet. The cup cracked in like 10 places, yet I still cant get the danged thing off.
Deadendshop34 (author)  pdreadful4 years ago
The cup is connected with a peg-hole system. The fold has to be far enough down to get all the pegs. Sliced off the bottom of the cup you could use a small saw or a dremel and you even have to cut close to the gauntlet. You are just making the cup easier to collapse by removing the base.

Then make your fold/crease at the end of the blue word slurpee, (opposite the lights so not to risk catching the wires) push in the top and squeeze a few times to get it started. Then take a long screwdriver and gently work it all thru the cup at that spot. Set it down on your work space and just gently push down/inward on the screwdriver to collapse/fold the plastic cup in on itself the entire length. Then grab the black piece with the vice grips or a pair of pliers and it will easily come out.
SWV17874 years ago
Sweet I'm ready to take a break and I just woke up...