Introduction: Quick and Easy Holiday Gift to Knit

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If you are an average knitter and if things get away from you at this time of the year, I would like to suggest making a beautiful homemade gift for a special person in your life. My favourite is the knitted prayer shawl.

Step 1: Choose a Great Pattern and You're All Set

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The pattern that I like to use, because it's quick, easy and looks great, comes from a pattern book called the Prayer Shawl Ministry and was produced by Leisure Arts and Lion Brand.

There are many different patterns in this book, both for knitting and crochet, but the one I like in particular is the pattern called "Knit Wide Scarf" and it is the one illustrated on the front cover.

If you don't have time to buy the book, there is also a free pattern for a similar shawl on the Lion Brand web site which has a fringe.

Step 2: Lion Brand Homespun Yarn Is Perfect for This Project

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The yarn I am using is called Lion Brand Homespun, which comes in a wonderful assortment of colours to suit every taste and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

I like this yarn as it is soft and easy to work with and knits up quickly and beautifully.

I am using 10 1/2 circular needs and three skeins of a shade called Noveau which has hints of brown gold and purple throughout and looks lovely when the item is finished. As you can see the pattern is nice and lacy looking. (my cat liked it too!)

Step 3: All Finished in Time for the Holidays!

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If you are an average knitter, you can knock this out in no time at all, and your friend (or friends, if you make more than one) will be delighted, especially as the days get colder.


ChrysN (author)2008-12-19

What a beautiful shawl and the colour is gorgeous. Sigh, I should really learn to knit.

sgsidekick (author)ChrysN2009-01-01

No kidding! i can crochet, but the one time I took knitting lessons in a class at Michaels, they told me to sell my needles! Ain't gonna happen, since I inherited them from my grandmother, but I thought that was a rude comment to make!

I am the same way, only i can't crochet............. :-) It was rude. My friend who was teaching me crochet told me to shove my needles..... :-(

Oof. That was rude! Well, at least it was hooks and not needles with you! They're not as pointed...*g* I've taught people to crochet before, and I'm MUCH nicer than my so-called knitting instructor was! Hmmm... spellcheck doesn't recognize "knitting" as a valid spelling. Must be related to that rude instructor.

Ha Ha Ha, well i threw her fave needle down the toilet so i got my own back! Now i am thinking about taking classes......

stinkymum (author)sgsidekick2009-01-04

Couldn't have been very good teachers to make such a discouraging comment!

sgsidekick (author)stinkymum2009-01-04

Well, the last person I told my story to then said she was the manager of Michaels in my area, and she'd make darned sure THAT never happened again! hehehe

stinkymum (author)sgsidekick2009-01-05

Good for you!

ChrysN (author)sgsidekick2009-01-02

That's very rude of them, they should be encouraging people.

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