This is a collection of quick and easy wood turning projects to be made on a lathe. Most of these projects can be completed in an hour or under from start to finish. (not including dry time).
These are very fun, as well as functional and beautiful. Make some sleeves for your X-Acto knife. The sleeves make the knives much more comfortable to hold and control.
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Mini candle stools. These quick and easy stools give you an idea of how simple a full size stool can be.
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This is a good one that makes excellent use of those tiny exotic scraps you have laying around your scrap bins. very quick and simple using a shop made jam chuck.
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Custom create your own bracelet to match any outfit you want to wear!
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Got some small children bringing you dandelions? give them a special place to put them by making a couple of these small weed pots.
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This is a great place to put your ring when you take it off to wash dishes, stuff a turkey or work on a car. this is the Go-to place for your rings.
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These special wood frames are an ideal gift for any parent or grandparent. These turned wood frames hold the plaster mold securely and tightly to help keep these priceless heirlooms protected forever!
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Here is a great instructable on Turning a spinning top.
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more scrap wood projects! very quick and easy.
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Disposable Face-plates - For the Lathe
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