Picture of Quick and Easy Mini Pompoms
Make your own mini pompoms in 30 seconds. All you need is string, scissors and a fork.
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Step 1: Collect Materials

Picture of Collect Materials
You'll need string or twine, a fork and scissors.

Step 2: Prep Twine

Picture of Prep Twine
Cut off a short piece of twine. 1-2 inches is long enough. You'll save this piece for Step 4.

Step 3: Wrap Twine

Picture of Wrap Twine
Wrap the twine around your fork. The larger you'd like your pompom to be, the more times you should loop your twine around the fork.

Step 4: Tie Twine

Picture of Tie Twine
Using the small piece of twine from Step 2, tie a knot around the looped twine in between the fork tines.

Step 5: Cut the loops

Picture of Cut the loops
Slide off fork and cut the two loops.

Step 6: Fluff!

Picture of Fluff!
Fluff and you're finished!

Step 7: All done!

Picture of All done!
photo (9).JPG
photo (10).JPG
photo (8).JPG
You can leave a long tail to hang the pompom or cut it short.

Then decorate using your pompoms!
sharonworsham3 months ago

These instructions are very concise and informative. I like Instructables very much.

ChrysN3 years ago
Cool, I've never seen it done with at fork.