Quick and Easy Mitered Box with a Lid - I made it at TechShop

Picture of Quick and Easy Mitered Box with a Lid - I made it at TechShop
This simple technique requires no fasteners and yeilds a box with a perfectly fitted lid.  The mitered corners are quick and easy and the glued assembly requires no fasteners.  Use this technique for making jewelry boxes from pre-veneered MDF or any solid wood from pine to exotic hardwood. It is also an excellent technique for making a stand for a collectable.  The demo box was made with scrap MDF.  Total time from beginning to end was about 15 minutes though it will take longer for your first try.
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Step 1: Begin by cutting all 6 sides

Picture of Begin by cutting all 6 sides
The sizes should be the exact measurements of your finished box.  In this step, all the cuts are with square cut edges.  If you are using a veneered material, you will want to plan your cuts carefully in order to insure the grain matches at the corners and creates the illusion of a solid block of the veneer wood. Practice with some scrap MDF.  1/2" MDF was use for this demo.

Pics include using a RH tilt saw and a LH tilt saw.  The good saw was at Techshop, the saw w/o the blade guard was at work.  Honestly, Techshop has better equipment than at work.  Be sure to use a push stick if your pieces are small.

For newbies, RH tilt and LH tilt describes the direction the saw tilts when cuttng the side bevels (aka miters ... but let's not get all bothered as to which is which).

Step 2: Mitering the pieces

Picture of Mitering the pieces
Cutting the short side LH tilt saw.JPG
Beginiing the miters.JPG
Mitering the short Sides.JPG
Ready to begin assembly.JPG
Crank the tablesaw blade to 45 degrees, set the width of the cut to cut the miter exactly. Try to not cut the top corner of the edge because the blade can splinter the veneer. Carefully, pass the pieces through the saw and cut the miters.  When cutting the short edges of the sides, be especially careful. You can use the top or bottom as a push piece for safety as I did, or get out the cross cut sled. You will have an easier time making accurate cuts if you miter all the same length edges with the same fence setting. 
iOskr3 years ago
good technic!!!
blkhawk3 years ago
Great work! You should enter your Instructable in the Woodworking Challenge.