Picture of Quick and Easy Pie Chart Pi Day Fruit Pizza Pie
If you want to make a quick and easy geeky dessert for family, friends, or co-workers, this is it! As long as you know how to turn on your oven, use a spoon, and can write your name, you have the skills you need to make this Quick and Easy Pie Chart Fruit Pizza.

Click on Step 1 to get straight to the recipe. Read on if you want to know more about the math involved in this tasty dessert.

This fruit pie can be made for Pi Day (3/14), or any time of the year. It's great to use with students who are learning about graphs and/or fractions. You see, this unsuspecting fruit pizza is also a Pie Chart--also known as a Circle Graph. Imagine asking 8 people to vote for their favorite type of pie. Four people select one flavor, 3 select a second flavor, and 1 select a third flavor. This fruit pizza shows exactly what a Pie Chart displaying that data would look like. Students should be able to name the fraction of the pizza for each flavor.

Arranging the sections in the way shown in the picture puts them in the order of the first 3 digits of Pi -- 3, 1, 4. The decimal point is included to make the connection to Pi more obvious. You can leave that off if you just want a Pie Chart dessert.

Also, two main features of circles, and key ingredients of the formulas for circumference and area, are shown on this pizza. The long strip of pie crust that cuts the pizza in half is called the diameter. The smaller strip that divides one half into two sections is called the radius.

Brilliant teaching tool, especially for younger ones! Teaches Pi and fractions and realtionships in a very yummy way! Great eye candy, too! Visually, this is one of the best uses of color. But I really love that this teaches about Pi as well as fractions! LOVE it!
It is lovely.
susanrm3 years ago
I think I'm going to make some of these this year. Way less time consuming than my Ultimate Pi Day Pie, and I want all my students to experience some pie!
AshleyShea (author)  susanrm3 years ago
These were really easy and fun to make. And both kids and adults loved them. I had a co-worker ask me in February when Pi Day was (obviously, not a math teacher ;-) because she was craving pie!