Introduction: Quick and Easy Santa Hat Pretzels

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These are the materials you will need:
-one bag of pretzels
-one bag of smallmarshmallows
-one container of white icing
-one container of red sprinkles

Step 1:

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The first thing you will do is dip the pretzel in the white icing. (Hint: spreading the icing with a butter knife will make it smoother)

Step 2:

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Next, dip about three-fourths of the icing covered pretezel in red sprinkles.

Step 3:

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The last step is to place the marshmallow on the lower right corner of the santa hat pretzel.

Step 4:

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Now you are done! We hope that you enjoyed this easy, edible craft! Merry Christmas!


Chinese Panda (author)2012-11-26

Ok :) I added it! Thanks for the comment!

poofrabbit (author)2012-11-26

Hey I wanted to suggest add your final picture to your first step and move it to be the first shown, that way it's what you see when you are looking at instrcutables (I like to see the recently added stuff) more individuals will click in if they see the final product. :)

poofrabbit (author)2012-11-25

Very cute!

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