This is a unique way to fold your shirts quickly. It lessens the time spent folding shirts. Impress your friends and family with this neat trick.

Step 1: Lay Shirt on Flat Surface Face Up.


Step 2: Orient Shirt Horizontally With Left Sleeve Facing Toward You


Step 3: Pinch the Right Shoulder Seam Half Way Between Collar and Sleeve With Right Hand


Step 4: Pinch Middle of Shirt in Line With Left Hand


Step 5: Fold Shirt in Half by Crossing Right Hand Over Left


Step 6: Add Bottom of Shirt to Your Right Handed Pinch

See picture in step 5

Step 7: Uncross Arms


Step 8: Lay Shirt on Backside and Fold in Half


Step 9: Watch in Action

This video shows steps 1-8 in sequence.
<p>nope. can't get my head around this. I tried it several times over and it doesn't work for me.</p>
<p>Great! Thank you. </p>
<p>Great! Thank you. </p>
I learned this a few years ago in an email from a Japanese show. use it all the time and amaze everyone that sees it. Glad to see someone share this trick.
<strong>WOW!</strong> Its like poetry in motion!! Now I'm going to fight my wife over who gets to fold my T shirts. <br/>
This would be better suited for a video than a full-out Instructable, given that not many directions are needed. Still, I like the method.
Ah, but you can't print a video.
simple to do.
Isn't this elsewhere on Instrucables, billed as the Japanese way of shirt-folding? I've been meaning to try it out anyway....
I think I saw this one before...

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