A fun and simple apron for people at all sewing levels. I chose dish towels because whether time or skills are a factor, the hems are already done for you! There are so many cute and stylish dish towels out now, or you can use a vintage towel you have been saving for a special purpose, and combine it with a newer one. This little apron is very quick to make and would be a fun project to whip up for a themed party or to make as a hostess or shower gift. Lets get started!

This is my entry for the Sew Useful contest:

Step 1: Getting Started!

Please read through all the instructions before you start. I have written very detailed directions, so the beginning sewer will have every step spelled out.

This is a basic design. Just pick two coordinating towels. Depending on your towel's design, you can add all sorts of creative touches... buttons, fabric yo-yos, ruffles and just about what ever you want. But it must be washable.

To begin, choose your two towels. They should measure approximately 26 inches by 16 inches, give or take a couple of inches. What is important at this point is to PRE-WASH your towels. Most new towels will shrink an inch or two when first washed. Other supplies are:

1. 3 yards 1&1/2 inch wide ribbon, or trim, for the sashes.
2. Enough trim, or ric-rac, to go across the top of your towel, approximately 16 to 18 inches.
3. 23 to 24 inches of 1 inch wide trim or ribbon to make the neck loop. Here you could also have two longer pieces that you tie in back of your neck, it is your choice.
4. Two buttons for the top corners as an accent.
5. Matching thread.

If you do sew, you probably have all the notions and trims that you need, already.

NOTE: All hemmed edges should be facing the inside, or "wrong" side of the apron.
<p>Great apron! I've been looking for some inspiration for a project and this helped me a lot!</p><p>For anyone having problems with the PDF- You can copy paste the entire instructable into a document on your computer. Go ahead and copy all text into something such as Microsoft word, or open office writer, then copy the pictures one by one, and place them in the correct places that correspond to the instructions. (save often!) using the insert picture option. It takes a bit longer to copy, but the pro account lets you download the PDF for quick easy convenience. The instructable is still free! :)</p>
Love the apron - although it is free, guess someone is making their money by making your join &quot;pro pdf&quot; in order to save this file for printing. Guess I don't need this apron that badly. So much for free
I love this idea. The pdf file cannot be opened or saved.
why can I not download a PDF file.
guys cook and clean too. Maybe could make a man-sized one using beach towels? :-P
Terrific idea, BEAUTIFULLY done! Excellent, Easy to follow instructions too! I have these exact same towels from sets I found at local ROSS :> No matter how anxious you are to begin this project Do Not skip the pre-wash & dry step ;>
I just went out and bought the cutest Halloween towels- i'm going to sell them at a craft show this weekend. Thanks for sharing your design with us.
This a adorable! What a fantastic idea - I'm going to have to whip up a couple. Thanks!
Oh, this is so cute! Thanks...tutorial is very good!
Adorable! I bought some great retro looking dish towels at Big Lots for $1 each awhile ago - now I know what to do with them! I especially love the ribbon and rickrack touches.

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