Quick and Pretty Newspaper Flowers





Introduction: Quick and Pretty Newspaper Flowers

Although I have fresh plants in my house, I can't have real flowers all the time. I wanted to make some interesting fake flowers, so I did some looking and found a great way to use newspaper and paint to make flowers...

There are two ways you can start the flowers:

One, paint the newspaper with paint. Watercolor will be the best. Wait until the paint completely dries and then cut the petals in a round or petal shape from the newspaper. You can cut one from something else and then trace the image before cutting if you want the same shapes over and again.

Two, you can cut the petals first and then paint them. 

Once you have the petals and they are dry, crinkle them up to add some texture to them and straighten them back out again. Now for the fun gluing part. Take one petal at a time, and glue them one by one together. If you want a center, roll up one of the petals, and start gluing to it.

Let the glue dry completely before rolling back the petals to make it a bloom.

Finally, take the florist wire, with whichever color you choose, and insert it in to the bottom of the bloom to create the stem. If you want a thicker stem, put a few together and cut smaller pieces to wrap around the grouping at the top and the bottom. Secure whatever you do with glue.

Now, place in the vase of your choice, and you can have interesting, hand-made flowers. 

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    I am craft challenged, Can someone be more explicit on assembly and size of circles for petals please. Thank you