Quick and Simple Crucible for Backyard Foundry





Introduction: Quick and Simple Crucible for Backyard Foundry

This is my first instructable so it may not be the best, just a heads up.

Materials List:

Fire extinguisher

Metal Saw

File (To sand down the edge of the crucible)

Water (To clean the metal bits out)

Ok so the first step is to get a fire extinguisher and make sure all the pressure is let out so when you cut into it, it doesn't explode and also empty all of the powder out of it and throw it away. Then when it's all clean find how tall you want your crucible to be by putting it in your foundry and measuring it and marking where your going to cut it. Once you've marked it, you can begin cutting. When you're cutting make sure you cut straight down and keep it a straight cut. You're pretty much done unless you want to file the edges down a little and make them so they're not so sharp, and if you want to clean the metal filings out, just use a hose and rinse them out. Thank you for everyone who enjoyed this tutorial and let me know what I could do different next time to make my tutorial better. Enjoy your crucible and be safe and always always where protective gear to prevent yourself from getting injured or hurt and be careful with the edges of the crucible and saw because they are sharp.



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Just a friendly heads up... make sure your extinguisher is made from steel. A few out there are made from aluminum. (Just take a magnet to it. if it sticks, you're good to go.) Otherwise, your aluminum crucible will fail in normal foundry temperatures. But these crucibles are great for a few melts! They are cheep (or free) and take the stress off an expensive garphite crucible when just making ingots.

Oh and one quick question, how do you delete a draft on here, thanks again.

I dont know how to delete a draft, but you can edit a post you already posted. Just open it up while logged in. In the upper right hand corner-ish will be a yellow bar that says "Author - edit instructable". Sorry I cant be more help.

Thanks zaphodd42 I will figure out how to add that.

DIY Hacks and How Tos I'm sorry I don't have any more pictures to the process, sorry.

I'll see if I can maybe take some more ok

Congratulations on your first Instructable! Could you please explain what you use this for? I understand it's to keep metal but what kind of projects do you do? Thanks.

parisusa in answer to your question, what I use this for is turn aluminum cans into ingots and if I wanted to cast something I already have the metal ready so I can just set up the foundry and start melting the metal quickly.