Hey everyone. This is my very first instructable so to get the hang of things i thought I'd do something quick, easy, and cool looking.

This is a corset style shirt, its not meant to function as a real corset but act more like an accessory.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Step 1: What You'll Need

What you'll need:
safety pins
a tight fitting top
<p>Not the best image, but great for a quick, cute costume!!</p>
<p>Wow this is great! Im glad it worked for you :)</p>
Great job! I would take hours on this one cause I like my instructables slow and dirty. It's way cute. Please make many more instructables with lots and lots of pictures; TONS of pictures.<br><br>Thanks!
im actually working on something now. if it turns out right it will be my next ible :)
Been waiting..........? Lol. ;)
Perhaps consider doing the pins on the underside of the shirt hiding the clasp end. Just an idea to try. Well documented post. Welcome to the community.
thats what I was thinking, it would be easiest to put on the top inside out for this step
thanks for the suggestion, ill try it out.
too bad i didnt see this when making my steampunk outfit last year...
This is a wonderfully simple and cheap idea to add quite a bit of interest to a shirt. I like it!<br><br>I agree with Johnny Dangerously that you should put the pins on the inside of the shirt. It will hide the fact that it is not a permanent addition.<br><br>There is an apparently &quot;common&quot; type of body piercing called a corset piercing which uses this very same technique. Be warned, if you look it up, they are quite graphic and often in non-G-rated places!<br><br>Thank you for sharing your idea with us!<br><br>DC.
those style piercing are actually what made me think to do the same type of thing on a shirt :)
I may very-well be forced to do this down the backs of the legs of my wife's tight Jeans ... ;)<br><br>DC
Hot. Wait... Not sure if legal. Forget I said anything
haha, thanks. yes legal but unavailable. sorry.
Should this on Crafters.
could be very rock n roll....nice!
Welcome! Thanks for the great 'ible!
Nice! I've been needing something like this for my Halloween costume. I'm going as a goth style voodoo doll. Thanks so much!
Wonderful, brilliant and easy, welcome to Instructables!
This is just what I needed for a stage show! Great idea.
thank you, im really glad you like it
I Like it - It definitely looks good on you.
super cute!
that's a cute look but maybe not for me... welcome to instructables
Very nice. I too like the corset look, real or not.

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