This is how to make a Mexican Jumping Bean out of tin/aluminum foil. The mexican jumping bean is a toy that bobbles in your hand aimlessly. Show them to your friends and maybe make a few bucks selling them too!

Step 1: Materials:


Tin/aluminum Foil


Colored Foil
Coin (to flatten foil)
Thick pen/marker

<p>those were horibble</p>
Better than mighty beanz
What do u mean there cheaper
yeah theyre really not better
Really? Well, then - I'm gonna have to try this!
this is how &quot;might beanz&quot; work
Very interesting and fun. Real Mexican jumping beans are difficult to find these days. I did find a website where you can buy Mexican jumping beans at www.amazingbeans.com&nbsp; They are hilarious!<br />
when I had to stay the night at the dallas/fort worth airport, i sa that they were sold there
:D I bought some of these in an airport!
OMG! Same!
I remember buying them from truck stops as a kid.
Ummmm. Mexican jumping beans are ALIVE. Tin foil and a marble is not. Lemme get my nerdy self in. Mexican jumping beans are dried out beans, with a worm or maggot inside, and they actually jump. Your ible is for something similar to Mighty Beanz. Overall, this ible saves money, and is great.just to get your facts straight!
foil is second only to DUCT TAPE!!!!
Don't have any foil :(<br>Any alternatives?
nope :(
COOL <br>
Nice toy, good indtructable.<br />

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