Quick and Easy Squirrel Skinnin'





Introduction: Quick and Easy Squirrel Skinnin'

Before you can roast 'em, smoke 'em, stew 'em, or otherwise enjoy the Chicken of the Tree, you gotta get 'em skinned.  Squirrels are notoriously difficult to de-hide, as if reluctant to give up the deliciousness inside.  Here's an easier way to get it done...

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I thought it would be more disgusting but, honestly, it is very educational! Now I know How to prepare a squirrel or a rabbit when I have to survive. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Chicken of the tree. Lol, you are too funny or its too early in the morning. I feel I just watched a post-mortem.

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Ha! Except that normally a post mortem does not equal fine cuisine...

Wild it's like taking off a coat, I'm fascinated! I have never EVER processed an animal, but your instructable makes me think that yes, I now could in fact skin a squirrel!

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There are as many ways to shuck 'em as there are leaves on the trees, but this is the easiest way I've found. Thanks!

Well done Mr. Horn. I've processed many an animal and the technique you demonstrate here is an excellent representation of how you process wild game in general. Doesn't matter if it's deer, rabbit or even cow. It all works the same way. The biggest thing to emphasize is that when removing the insides be vary cautious of rupturing the digestive tracts and always wash the meat when done.

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