Go to any thai restaurant anywhere in the world and you should see this. it's a classic dish thats both spicy and sour but embodies all the flavours thai cooking is famed for. The best kept secret is that this takes literally five minutes to prep and cook. I don't normally advocate the use of shortcuts in cooking but i've made this soup numerous times now using this method and it tastes every bit as good as it does in my favourite restaurant. 

This a great way to pad out a chinese meal when you have friends over. make a pot of this and you should be able to order less food, saving you money. Last time i did this most of my guests had two bowls. And as if you need further testimonial, even my teenage sons like it. 

Step 1: Ingredients

All you need is a saucepan of hot water, broccoli, quarter cut mushrooms, a handfull of prawns and a jar of tom yum soup paste from any good thai shop. Note... This dish can be made with any seafood, i.e. squid, monkfish, scallops (or is that scollops).
<p>Thanks for the wonderful yet such an easy recipe....The soup was so damn delicious! </p>

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