Picture of Quick and easy bow and arrow!
All you will need for this is some 1/2 inch pvc pipe ( 1/2 inch diameter of hole in the middle)
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Step 1: The materials!

Picture of  The materials!
All you need is-
-a saw
-some string
-1/2 pvc pipe

Step 2: How long should your bow be?

Picture of how long should your bow be?
Your bow should be the as long as your arm span.

Step 3: Where the string goes

Picture of where the string goes
On the ends of the pipe you can cut a V shape cut 2 inches from each end.

Step 4: Now for the length of the string. and tying

Picture of now for the length of the string. and tying
bow and arrow 008.jpg
The length of the string should be 4 inches shorter than the bow. For the tying string you should make a loop knot and put the string through the loop.

Step 5: Final step!

Picture of final step!
Now bend the pipe so you can loop the other end of the string on the the other V shape cut. The bow should be fairly bend like the picture below

Step 6: And your done!

And all you have to do is get a straight stick or buy a wooden dowel, sharpen then fire

Note the bow is a weaker than other wood bows but is still strong.
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great! I went to home depot right after seeing this to buy PVC pipe bcuz its so cheap for a 10 ft pipe. the for making this instructable.
avenger221 year ago
Not bad. I'll use it for my Hawkeye costume.
Interesting, but please sort out your facts as your bow poses an extreme health hazard as it'll send "PVC shrapnels in your palm"(Well, apparently.) when it snaps from extreme stress in the middle of the bow, as has been pointed out. The string has a higher tendency to snap and subsequently leave a welt in your face. It's really a choice to fork in another, what, 40 bucks? For the sake of not dying and for reliability on your bow. Also I have read here that PVC is invisible under x-rays, therefore if it really does get in your palm the docs have to "cut open your hand just to see if there's a splinter in it". I'd rather buy a bunch of bamboo (an awesome instructable here), hemp twine and make a bow our of dried bamboo and duct tape. How awesome is that?
simple solution, wrap the danger spots in ductape, or if your really worried about your hands health, cloth tape.
I used hemp on a bow once and it snapped, but i used another kind and it worked. So choose a good string. And the hole in the middle of the bow will make it snap a lot easier. I wouldn't put a hole there.
not really to break pvc in that manner it would have to be chilled to 30 degrees and then filled with compressed air. Common! any plumber will tell you that, that there has not been a recorded injured from pvc "snapping" in the manner you suggest. it is almost fear mongering to say you will die from explosive snap of pvc. Actually bamboo will give a nasty splinter and it is more dangerous if broken as the edges are really sharp. Bear from the show Man vs Wild just had to evacuated from slicing his finger on bamboo while filming his show so there at least i have some plausible proof.
if any u pepoles have ever shot a real bow you would know this i is nothing campare to a tradicanil long bow
it's not suppossed to be
this bow might be a little too strong!!it hurt my fingers when i let go of the string lol
totjup25 years ago
i think this is great i made one and then ended up using it for the heavy crossbow u should check it out.
what heavy cross bow r u talking about
Kendallkip6 years ago
simple solution to the whole bow breaking thing, when you have bent and strung the bow, cover the whole bow in clear tape (clear so that noone can really see the tape w/out looking closely), easy!
ninjallama6 years ago
My friend and i made that and it worked but we used this wax strng insted or reguler string
hunteo6 years ago
if you guys really want to see something flexible use a peice of wirsbro pipe and hockey laces
jman647 years ago
how did you bend it please tell
you just bend it thats all.
i made one out of wood a long time ago and put one end in a vice and bent the other end
Stand with your feet slightly apart, with your bow on your left. Put the strung end of your bow behind your left leg, and in front of your right leg. Your left leg should be at the middle of the bow. Pull the unstrung bit of the bow behind you forwards, take the string, put the string at the side of the bow closest to you and pull it in a hairpin bend manner. Pull the string downwards, the bow still in your legs. Tie it off when it's bent enough. Place a thumbs up at the middle of the bow and your thumb should just touch the string. If not keep bending the bow. Good luck.
juaniskool6 years ago
does it break easily??
jjy6 years ago
how long is its range please answer :D
desicop6 years ago
I use a 3/4 inch and 1/2, and bend it with a blow dryer or pure muscle, but this is pretty good because mainly it's cheap, and a decent distance. I have a problem with accuracy on this though
maxxxem7 years ago
i made the string to long so i just tied some over hand knots to get the right lenghts, without untieing the loop
deathbibian7 years ago
dude this bow rules i made mine around 40 inches tall it rules
yea this bow is awesome!! but if u guys want to make a mini 1 of these ckeck out mine!! made outta skewers!!
here is linkclick me!!
mullenium7 years ago
cut the pvc in half on each side but leave a handle. then heat were you want your bow to be bent and bend it. you can even try to make a recurve bow!
X_D_3_M_17 years ago
stupid. dont u realize that PVC is used because it CANT be bent!?!?!?!?
yes PVC can bend you get 1/2in sch. 40!!
bigcheeze7 years ago
try buying 20 foot lengths I'm 6ft tall and when I carry it on my broad shoulders 1 end sags right to the ground
receiver5457 years ago
hey look at my PVC bow! It shoots through boxs! If you dont beleive me i will be adding a video to it showing it go through! check it out and try making mine ! I used elastitic instead of string! heres a tip you bow needs more curve in it!!! look at mine and try it !! plssss comment it !
OK then if you want me to be your mummy then fine,I'll break up your little cat fight. hey look at my cheap @$$ plastic bow I bought from canaidian tire IT GOES STRAIGHT THROUGH 1MM SCRAP SHEET STEEL!!! and by the way,why is canaidian not in the Instructables dictionary... RACIST!!! does that solve anything???
weebl7 years ago
this doesnt work very well and it is very unsafe
It isnt unsafe, unless you have no idea of what you are doing, but i agree in the aspect that i can throw an arrow farther than that junk could. Anyone ever heard of an atlatl? ill post an instructable on it if you guys are interested.
Actually, These things are pretty powerful, I made one a few years ago and put one of those fiberglass arrows with a dull tip THROUGH a piece of 1/2 thick plywood at 30 yards, so I doubt that you could "throw an arrow farther than that junk could".
Do you know how strong a peice of 1/2" plywood is? Thats what they use for the subfloor in houses. I TOTALLY AND COMPLETLEY call BS on the claim that you can shoot it through 1/2" plywood, let alone from thirty yards away. A REAL bow would have troble accomplishing that feat. So, in short, you are full of shit.
Rea;;y Im not kidding, the wood was a little rotten (I guess that I forgot to mention that earlier) but those bows really are strong, especially if you use real bowstring. You could probably go hunting with a pvc bow.
OH! How conveinent. You forget details when you are faced with the facts! Also, the power doesnt come from the string. It comes from the Bow itself. The bowstring wouldnt do anything more than a peice of braided fishing line would. You could go hunting, for birds, but your accuracy would be terribly inconsistent with this bow. Atlatls are MUCH more accurat. I can hit a cicle the size of the bottom of a coffee can from about 25-30 yards out.
Actually, I compete in archery competitions and I know quite a bit about bows, SOME power can be gained from the string, but 99% comes from the bow, and the bow was quite accurate and powerful. Have you ever tried to bend a pvc pipe? I think that if you try to bend one you will find out that the pipes are very flexible.
No power comes from the string. PERIOD. The power comes from the bend in the bow. The string merely transfers the energy from the bow, to the string, to the arrow, and finally to the target. I dont give two craps if you "compete in archery competitions". Its physics logic, and common sense.

Have you ever tried to bend a pvc pipe? I think that if you try to bend one, you will find out that the pipes are very flexible.

Yea, they are flexible. TOO flexible. Your bow needs some sese of rigidity to it. If it happens to be too flexible, you lose power.
If it's common sense, you have none. Now I am finished arguing with you and if you don't believe me, that's your problem and you are entitled to your opinion, but if you want to go with fact and not your opinion, you can believe me.
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