Quick and Easy Bow and Arrow!





Introduction: Quick and Easy Bow and Arrow!

All you will need for this is some 1/2 inch pvc pipe ( 1/2 inch diameter of hole in the middle)

Step 1: the Materials!

All you need is-
-a saw
-some string
-1/2 pvc pipe

Step 2: How Long Should Your Bow Be?

Your bow should be the as long as your arm span.

Step 3: Where the String Goes

On the ends of the pipe you can cut a V shape cut 2 inches from each end.

Step 4: Now for the Length of the String. and Tying

The length of the string should be 4 inches shorter than the bow. For the tying string you should make a loop knot and put the string through the loop.

Step 5: Final Step!

Now bend the pipe so you can loop the other end of the string on the the other V shape cut. The bow should be fairly bend like the picture below

Step 6: And Your Done!

And all you have to do is get a straight stick or buy a wooden dowel, sharpen then fire

Note the bow is a weaker than other wood bows but is still strong.



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    great! I went to home depot right after seeing this to buy PVC pipe bcuz its so cheap for a 10 ft pipe. the for making this instructable.

    Not bad. I'll use it for my Hawkeye costume.

    Interesting, but please sort out your facts as your bow poses an extreme health hazard as it'll send "PVC shrapnels in your palm"(Well, apparently.) when it snaps from extreme stress in the middle of the bow, as has been pointed out. The string has a higher tendency to snap and subsequently leave a welt in your face. It's really a choice to fork in another, what, 40 bucks? For the sake of not dying and for reliability on your bow. Also I have read here that PVC is invisible under x-rays, therefore if it really does get in your palm the docs have to "cut open your hand just to see if there's a splinter in it". I'd rather buy a bunch of bamboo (an awesome instructable here), hemp twine and make a bow our of dried bamboo and duct tape. How awesome is that?

    simple solution, wrap the danger spots in ductape, or if your really worried about your hands health, cloth tape.

    I used hemp on a bow once and it snapped, but i used another kind and it worked. So choose a good string. And the hole in the middle of the bow will make it snap a lot easier. I wouldn't put a hole there.

    not really to break pvc in that manner it would have to be chilled to 30 degrees and then filled with compressed air. Common! any plumber will tell you that, that there has not been a recorded injured from pvc "snapping" in the manner you suggest. it is almost fear mongering to say you will die from explosive snap of pvc. Actually bamboo will give a nasty splinter and it is more dangerous if broken as the edges are really sharp. Bear from the show Man vs Wild just had to evacuated from slicing his finger on bamboo while filming his show so there at least i have some plausible proof.

    if any u pepoles have ever shot a real bow you would know this i is nothing campare to a tradicanil long bow

    it's not suppossed to be

    this bow might be a little too strong!!it hurt my fingers when i let go of the string lol

    i think this is great i made one and then ended up using it for the heavy crossbow u should check it out.