Step 1: Mosquito/Insect Trap

Cut the top (just before the start of the cone) off a 2 liter bottle.

Invert the cone and place it inside the straight part of the bottle.

Glue the two pieces together, using a glue or silicon.

Add 1 tsp yeast and 1/2 cup sugar to some luke warm water, and pour the mixture into the bottle.
Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that you exhale. The yeast feeds off the sugar and emits the same gas, so the mosquito enters the bottle, thinking she will find food there. She cannot then get out.

You can use the same bottle design for a fly trap, but fill it with a putrid smelling liquid. For wasps, use a sugar mixture. For fish, put under water, and add a bit of cheese or bread.
I have not made 4 different designs, and the one like this does work, but has some problems. It also will collect rain water if outside. I finally realized, this needs to be inside a room with screens on the windows and screen doors. Then it would capture the mosquitoes that sneak inside when the door is open. Otherwise, it is guiding the mosquitoes to the room which is not wanted. I am testing a couple with just 2 one quarter inch holes in the sides. Which is faster to make, waterproof. Well, in a way,I am trying every combination I can find, but trying to remove the need to buy sugar. There is plenty of fruit scraps here in West Africa. Bottles are scarce in Kara, Togo because the public water system is good, and they drink soda in recycled bottles. in a really poor place, to need to buy anything would stop the use of this idea. And, it does not have immediate results you can see in 10 minutes, so a hard sale.Thanks for the help.
any fermentation with sugar will give off the CO2 needed for this to work. Fruit peels and scraps with some water will ferment and produce CO2. Soda bottles will work, in fact, we used 2l soda bottles for ours. even better if they have some old soda in there, as that adds sugar to the mix.
<p>Bunch of nice ideas you got there. Thank you.</p><p>According to the plastics industry, their dirty little secret is that plastics marked &quot;recycleable&quot; are still manufactured from fresh plastic. Labels, glue, dirt, and mixed plastics in the recycling stream prevent bottles from being made of old plastic. So unless there is a massive need for park benches made of plastic and sawdust we are not going to see much benefit in society. </p><p>My plastics get reused, but it's only a delay before the landfill. Same for many reduce/reuse/but-not-recycled projects. Even putting them inside walls accomplishes the same thing as burying in a landfill. The walls will erode over time and trash is distributed over the face of the land which can possibly contaminate the rain to groundwater cycle. </p><p>These are not complaints toward the author, merely ideas to consider as we examine the entire life-cycle of reusing or repurposing plastic waste.</p><p>Have a great day and lemme know of any new solutions, I'm ready to listen!</p>
The wall only eventually erodes if it is made improperly or never maintained. Concrete structures last centuries. <br><br>There are many ways to take these plastics out of the waste stream, and that's what reusing is all about. Sure, we should look at recycling and better materials, but we should reuse as much as possible, first.
Does the plastic get brittle and break down over time? That would be a limiting factor in using for long term stuff like building projects.
<p>Substitute with 16 or 20 oz bottles cut after taper ends so top doesn't fall through. Add 1.5 to 2 inches of mountain dew. place in sunshine and out of wind and secure base in soil. Place away from work or play area. Nothing works better to collect and kill wasps. They tire from flying then overheat and drown. Does not kill bees. Other sodas will work less effectively. Make an array of 4 or 5 bottles if wasp problem is obnoxious. Secure to board or use a remnant 5 ga pail and dirt, gypsum mix, stucco mix, etc.. to deadweight and secure traps.</p>
<p>I love your ideas !</p><p>I'm sure there billions of others that could be shared.</p><p>However the problem with plastic is it is still plastic ! One day or another it will end in a trash can and be lost in nature with a very slow decay of a 100 years ! The ice pack that has been broken and cannot be filled with water will still be there long after we died and our children reached old age (ie. March 2114 !!!&hellip;).</p><p>I'm sure that you and most others will agree that we nee an alternative, and we need it NOW !</p><p>Best wishes and thank you again for your seminal ideas !</p>
How do you Ripen Milk, and if you do not have a cow or goat. What kind of milk do you get at that store? whole milk?... <br>I am a city girl and would like to try my hand at this...but the Ripen Milk threw me for a loop. (natural born blone) lol.
Whipping Cream works well, just keep shaking the bottle, it takes some time. I prefer to use/reuse a Mason jar, makes getting the butter out much easer, or leave it in the jar in the fridge and use it as you need it.
I think if you get whipping cream (the kind that you actually have to whip) it works...I meant to try it, saw a YouTube vid on it.
I do not understand why the mosequito cannot fly out of the bottle if she flew in.
The placement of the cut part works like a Maze, the get lost. They want out so take the shortest route (Up), but the door out is down at the bottom, through the hole and then up (so they never find it)
I have watched six videos of this on YouTube.com, but you are the first to say the mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide. Thank you, Andy Graham in Kara, Togo an area with Malaria. HoboTraveler.com
they are not attracted to carbon dioxide, at least not in the specific meaning of the word attracted. <br>they guide by carbon dioxide, that's how they find us humans ,even in the darkness, they keep track of increasing amounts of carbon dioxide.
I was wondering if I could just staple all around instead of trying to glue would work?
use the cap to cut out the centers and you can make donuts and donut holes
I'm glad you added the 'thermal mass" use into this. Many people tend to overlook the amount of energy that is wasted every time they open the fridge or freezer. If you're a bachelor with one jar of mustard and one bottle of beer in your fridge: refill all of your old water bottles, and stock up the fridge. When (if) you buy groceries, just remove the necessary amount of bottles to make room. This can save a considerable amount of money/power! Thanks!
your idea is also useful during those hot summer days...can you say cold potable water...ahhh refreshing...just don't forget to refill it or remove it if you need the space..
I thought most bachelors used beer for thermal mass in the refer. Some bacheorettes as well.<br />
Ha ha... My fridge 2 years ago....
Great ideas!<br>I especially loved the &quot;brick&quot; idea.<br>What a great way to recycle!!
You live in the Philippines, don't you. I know because of the Sprite which is made in the Philippines by the Coca-cola company. Btw can you put something der to scoop up dirt?
Sprite is one of the most common drinks in america :) It is very cool.
Now that I'm smarter by 2 years, yeah I realized that about 5 months after posting my above comment. It's actually a tad more effective here because of the heat, so the contrast between the sprite's low temp and the high temp of the surrounding environment makes for a oh-so-refreshing drink B-)
Sprite is available here in North America as well. Generally soft drink are bottle in the country of consumption.
I took several 2L bottles, drilled 4-5 small holes in each of the caps, then filled the bottles with water and put the caps back on. I then took all those bottles and stuck them cap-end down in the soil around my vegetable plants. It's a cheap way to water your plants while you're on vacation!
yeah, we do the same thing, but for bee food. We stick the bottle upside down in a small hole in the roof of the bee hive. Works good.
This works so fantastic. We swear by it now. Excellent for container gardening.
Did the trap last summer and it worked well. We just left about one fourth of the orange soda in the bottle after a few days all that was left was a thick orange syrup which the wasps loved. Caught quite a few, unfortunately it was no match for the nectar my sunflowers and acorn squash were producing. Soon the dozens of wasps would chase us back in the house if we dared step out the door. Soapy water sprayed on the leaves worked pretty well, but you have to spary at night. The Idea is to wash off the nectar. There were always still a wasp or two standing gaurd and even once we sprayed there was always a handful in the day.
great ideas. instead of precious soil, how about trash, like plastic bags, used as filler? ive heard of a peace corp student who built a small school like that. She asked 20 students to bring as many bottles as they could find to the site, and she used the trash that littered the streets in the community to fill the bottles with, then some chicken wire, cement and paint, now the kids have a school.<br><br>stay classy planet Earth
what is this i don t understand
it is to keep the electricity in an electric fence from grounding on each of the metal poles it is held up with
can someone tell me how to repel rabbit i would like to at least see one! i saw one last time before 3 years in my village
You can also use bottles as a friendly mole repellent. Put them halfway in the soil and take the lid off. Because of the wind, the bottles start to make a sound =&gt; vibration and moles don't like that.<br/><br/>Michel <br/>Portugal<br/>
thx silver912targa do you know something more about repelling/attracting other animals? could you write that all?
Of course it will depreciate property values in your area if people have a yard full of old bottles sticking out of the ground :)
You could always organize it in a pattern or make it look like a fence border...<br />
Well instead of a "rock garden" you'll get a "bottle garden" something completely different ;-) Why don't we start thinking out of the box? Your garden doesn't have to be full of bottles, otherwise it's no use of repelling the moles isn't it? If you think a little you can place them in a strategic manner so the human eye can't see them but the moles on the other hand will...
Not in my area. LOL..you should see the garden junk in people's yards. It doesn't bother me. I get a kick out of odd things. I even made a life size potman out of terra cotta pots once. I think it is because we are Coastal and people expect this on the Coast. There are actually people who want to buy and live in artsy neighborhoods. Signed: An old hippie
great idea. I'm gonna pass that on to my mom (the gardener in the family). I'm sure that could keep other animals such as woodchucks or rabbits away too, although they are not going to feel the vibration in the ground like the moles, the sounds may keep them away.
Good idea, maybe to gain more sound you have to experiment on how deep you put them in the soil and at what angle.
What about rinsing the butter to make sure you get out all of the buttermilk. Any buttermilk left in will sour quickly. I remember my grandmother did that.
Wasps also appreciate meat products, though I personally prefer to just go with apple juice.<br />
how wil the plant get air?
Plants make their own air -- they can thrive in a completely sealed environment, although some plants do need the wind to blow their pollen around.
Plants don't make their own air, they convert CO2 to Oxygen, opposite to how we convert Oxygen to CO2 in respiration. You'd have to cut holes in the bottle, plants can only survive for so long in a sealed environment.
update: at night, plants use oxygen

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