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Add soil, seeds water to about 1/3 full and grow! Juice jugs work too, as do water bottles (Dasani, Evian, etc), as long as there's a ridge in the bottom. They're reuseable, recycleable and free. Another benefit is that since they're flexible and their conical in shape, a little squeeze and they slide right out.
pravs2k4 years ago
The overflow works beautifully.And if you use the method where you decoupage the whole[ the two parts together } you have to have the hole - [ a little below the level of the inverted bottle top so that it does not touch the water.]To refill, place the bottle in a bowl of water until water starts flowing out of the little hole.This way you don't have to pull out [can't !!!] and check - if the container feels light just place it in water. Also ,decoupaging prevents light getting in - apart from of course camouflaging the bottle and making it look like a real store bought container.

Have pics but don't know how to send it- not very computer savvy !!!! HELP
aperkins01096 (author)  pravs2k4 years ago
That sounds great! Love the idea of decoupage, the bare bottles look awful, despite their ability to work. Do an instructable on it! I'd love to see pics, too! email a couple if you can to aperkins[at]gmail.com, and thanks for sharing with the community!
The pictures at last!!

The zebra striped ones are two litre bottles cut down to size.

The other two are of one of the decoupaged ones I made .

The zebra fabric one is made of tetra pack juice carton.
pravs2k pravs2k3 years ago

Thank you for the comment.Glad you like them

The tetra pack one was made by sticking two packs together and decoupaging it with fabric- can do it with paper too,but it has to be waterproofed with mod podge.

Pictures of hanging two litre bottles were sent to 'soda bottle garden' instructable.This one is extremely easy.The bottles one on top of the other were decoupaged with paper napkins and waterproofed.

Thank you Aperkins and Botronics for great ideas.

aperkins01096 (author)  pravs2k3 years ago
Wow - excellent! Great work! A Tetra Pack Juice carton? You ARE resourceful! I expecially like the one with the ladies - the philodendron seems to like it too!

Thank you .Have sent a picture and instructions to Instructables via your easy upload page. Don't know if it went through. If it hasn't ,will try again.Have to learn how to transfer the pic. from my desk top to email to you!!!!
aperkins01096 (author)  pravs2k4 years ago
Doesn't seem to have worked. Hope you can find the time to put it up on instructables - it sounds like a great project! Keep me posted!!
busywoman656 years ago
Does the bottom work as a water reservoir and how do you put it in? You do dampen the dirt some when you plant the seeds don't you? I am totally new. I know the questions sound weird but I'm trying to understand.
g0pher9 years ago
I use this same method! and it works great too