Quick and Easy Tazer, Make to Look Like a USB Dongle





Introduction: Quick and Easy Tazer, Make to Look Like a USB Dongle

This is a simple, quick and easy way a to make a which is is meant to look like a usb dongle. Its really easy to make.

USB Dongle (Any will do, i used a broken one)
3 x screws
A Hammer
A Screwdriver

Warning!: Anything you do with this is your sole responsibility. I am not responsible for anything you do with this, or any trouble this causes you. Remember, high voltage is dangerouse, it can kill. Do not taze anybody with a pacemaker of anyother mechanic body part, or anybody with weak organs.

Step 1: Disembling the Lighter

Firstly, unscrew your lighter, the part we will be using is the small ignition system, it is designed to make electricity arc and set alite the gas that comes out of the container also in the lighter. But we wont be using it for that.

Step 2: Taking Apart the USB Dongle

Pretty straight forwould, the fixings will probably be diffrent for each type of dongle. The circuit bored you can salvage but the USB end we will need. I also knocked out the plastic parts where lights had been. There where two holes, perfect for threading the two wires through.

Step 3: Mounting the Internals

I used 3 screws, i threaded 2 through the side then layed one screw on the two screws going through, i then layed the sparking mechanism on it., ontop of the sparking button thing i layed the usb top, there was metal on the side on the usb connecter meaning it wouldent come out on the dongle

Step 4: Screw It Up and Your Finished

Screw it up and your finished. Rember be responsible with it!



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    A better way to do this would be to put a capacitor and a current converter in the body. Attach the leads of the current converter to the USB metal thing. Then you could charge it with a battery and a small transformer. It would allow only one use for every charge but it would output more voltage with lower current.

    total waste of time i am gutted i even took the time to look isnt the point of a taser to actually make u feel it !!!!!! sorry mate but this is poor at the moment is there a way to upgrade this


    I dont think its ment to hurt anyone

    Still looking for the tazer....this isn't one. If it doesn't knock you to the floor, it's not a tazer (simple test).

    Tazer's are actually a brand of electroshock weapon, not simply something that shocks you. If it's knocking an enemy to the ground you want, try a baseball bat. This instructable is pretty good, but it is OBVIOUSLY not tailored for self-defense, maybe good enough for a practical joke. So I don't know why you expected a Taser-level device. If you want a Taser, go buy one. Or make a better one yourself. Don't detract from this article.

    Tazer is a name brand for a defensive tool/weapon. The title implies that this would be useful in the same situations, and the instructable has nothing in it to say otherwise. If used in a defensive situation, what do YOU see as the result?

    *zap* Assailant: wow you little ***** You: *dies*

    This isn't really a tazer - just a sparker. It really wont hurt anyone (try shocking your finger - you can barely feel it). Could be useful for lighting Bunsen burners tho!

    Hello o there is a good chance you are going to blow up the usb driver chips on your motherboard

    Not in this case. There is nothing inside the case other than a friction powered arc ignitor, and nothing connected to the port for it. Also, YOU WILL NOT BLOW ANYTHING UNLESS YOU HOOK THE PART DIRECTLY UP TO THE WALL.  I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE.