Introduction: Quick and Practice Bird Feeder ( With Manson Jar )

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today we are going to learn how to feed the birds with manson jar ??

Step 1: Prepare the Manson Jars.

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This step is dangerous, it's difficult to cut the metal of the lid. so be carefull when you do this.

Drill a first hole and then enlarge it.

Drill 4 little holes.

see you on step 2

Step 2: Prepare the Wood House.

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1 - cut the wood. you are free to chose your shape and your size.

2 - shape the wood to get a house shape. And important ! you have to keep the rests.

3 - drill 3 holes ( the size must be inferior as the mason jar lid hole made on step 1 )

4 - screw the lid on the wood house shape. use some mails to place the lid metal as close as possible of the wood.

5 - screw the house shape on the pedestal.

6 - use the rest of wood to strengthen the assembly.

Step 3: Details

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the house need a roof. so we made it .

I use a combined sanding to get the perfect angle.

i screw the differents part together and i add the last detail : a litle perch for the birds.

Step 4: Testing the Mason Jar

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the mason jar are very useful for quickly replacing seeds

we unscrew, we fil and we screw back.and the bird can eat ;)

Step 5: The Final Product.

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we caén see the seeds in the mason jar.

you can also add a wall mounting to hang it on a tree.


Thepedaller (author)2015-05-30

Really good looking and so easy to make. Thank you!

InsaacZ (author)2015-05-24

The best idea i sew, i you put the glasses some degress for best feed ....

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