Picture of Quick and simple LED mason jar
Mason jars and leds are almost made for eachother. They are eye appealing and just plain fun. I am going to show you how to make a very simple one that involves a few cheap componets you can find anywhere online! This could be considered an introductory project for those new to electronics but why set limits? You like it you make it :)  lets get started and embark on the simplicity!

This LED mason jar turns on by itself at night. 

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Step 2: Schematic(s)

I have included two schematics. One is the, I guess, offical schematic and one is a 'birds eye' view. The second one is intended to give you the feeling as if you were looking down at the circuit. I mainly included this for the NPN because I know that they can be tricky if you're new to them. I remember when I first saw one (roughly 6 years ago) I got the pins mixed up all the time and doing so can result in the transistor getting really hot or breaking or even both. 

(three pins are collector, emitter and pin.)

Step 3: The NPN

I will be walking you through how to make this small circuit without using a PCB (printed circuit board). Now if you want to use a PCB go right ahead and do so :) I figured it would be fun to do without. 

First you're goint to take your pliers and bend the left leg and right leg as shown in the picture. Then tin all three legs. 

Bending them this way ensures no shorts.
lpinho5 months ago

Already bought the components but they forgot to send the LDR :(. Gonna make one with a switch to test light intensity.

These will be my kids night light :)