Picture of Quick and simple wall mounting

A way to make mounting things on the wall/drilling holes much easier.

Items Needed

Option A


Option B



This is all you need, minus the tools for mounting eg stud detector nails etc. Or if you're just working straight into the gib board pins or tacks will work.

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Step 1: Scanning and Printing

Picture of Scanning and Printing

Scan and print to 100% scale with a scanner and printer or a photocopier. The option to print to 100% scale should be under your printing/page options.

Step 2: Mounting

Picture of Mounting

Put the pins/nails/tacks whatever you may in to where they should be mounted while holding the to size printed paper on the wall. After that mount your object and you're done :). Fairly simple, and I didn't come up with this idea myself but I thought I would share a neat little way to mount things while keeping them accurate.

wilgubeast1 year ago

Clever. I use the same technique to figure out precise laser cutting sizes for small items. Take a scan, pop it into Illustrator or Corel, then keep the canvas size consistent.

bfarm1 year ago

So simple - awesome.