Picture of Quick binding with rivets
I developed this binding method as a quick and (fairly) cheap way of binding my portfolio. It's a nice, clean, and slightly quirky way to bind together any number of pages. You'll need about 20 mins and about $16 worth of supplies to get started. A new package of rivets is dirt cheap, so once you start using this method it's really cost effective.
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Step 1: Prep

Picture of Prep
Before you can start binding you'll need something to bind. And, if it's something printed, there's a few rules you should follow.

1. leave 1/2" of space on the edge of the paper you want to bind
2. print on oversized paper and use at least a 1/4" of bleed space (assuming you're cutting this yourself, if not a 1/8" bleed will do)
3. if you're printing double sided, put crop marks on every other page. otherwise put them on every page.
4. and this is the biggie, put marks for the hole's you'll be making on your top page. These should be light and centered about 1/4" (or half the space you left in step 1) from the edge of the page.

You'll also have to decide on your cover. If you want the rivets hidden, leave an extra 1/2" on one end that you'll score and fold under. You can also make wrap covers, like I use on my portfolio, but these take a little more finessing to make lay flat.
Awesome!! I'm a Graphic Designer from India. I use rivet binding almost always. Here in India you get a system of home riveting from a stationary supplier called Kangaro. Have a look below. This eliminates all the pounding. Its a hole puncher and rivet press all-in-one!

rachel6 years ago
Aziel6 years ago
hey man, im a graphic designer, and im so thankful i found your site!!, im from australia, and for sum reason, alot of printers dont do rivet binding? anyway its probably coz i havnt searched places gonna try this method for my process diary...wish me luck!
jftesser (author)  Aziel6 years ago
Good luck! Please let me know how it turns out!
ad-astra7 years ago
Very Nice. Have you tried this with Chicago Screws. It would save on the pounding and allow you to add more pages if necessary.
jftesser (author) 7 years ago
Thanks for leaving one yourself. I really appreciate it!
nagutron7 years ago
Looks great! Too bad more users haven't by this page to leave comments.