Step 5: Assembly

You're almost done! Now comes the (more) fun part. Unfold your bottom cover and stick to appropriately sized rivets through the holes you've made. Then thread those rivets up through your stack of insides. You should be able to do this all in one go. Finally, place the unfolded top cover on top. You'll know that your rivet is the right length if it just barely peeks out from the top of this completed stack. If its too short or too long, you probably have a different sized rivet in the package you just bought.

Place the rivet cap on top of the rivet, cover it with the rivet setter and pound away with your hammer. (There will be instructions for how to do this on the package you bought. Follow them, but don't but the anvil underneath, this will just cause shifting.) Repeat for all the other rivets.

Hurrah, you've bound your first whatever it is that you decided to bind!
Awesome!! I'm a Graphic Designer from India. I use rivet binding almost always. Here in India you get a system of home riveting from a stationary supplier called Kangaro. Have a look below. This eliminates all the pounding. Its a hole puncher and rivet press all-in-one!<br /> <a href="http://www.kangaro.com/productDetail.asp?id=128#seacrhBar" rel="nofollow"><br /> http://www.kangaro.com/productDetail.asp?id=128#seacrhBar</a><br />
hey man, im a graphic designer, and im so thankful i found your site!!, im from australia, and for sum reason, alot of printers dont do rivet binding? anyway its probably coz i havnt searched places enough....im gonna try this method for my process diary...wish me luck!
Good luck! Please let me know how it turns out!
Very Nice. Have you tried this with Chicago Screws. It would save on the pounding and allow you to add more pages if necessary.
Thanks for leaving one yourself. I really appreciate it!
Looks great! Too bad more users haven't by this page to leave comments.

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