Quick Computer Pranks





Introduction: Quick Computer Pranks

just some harmless, quick pranks to pull on a friend(or arch enemy) who know diddly squat about computers, yet owns one.

some of these won't work on a laptop, but have fun with it!

Step 1: The Unresponsive Keyboard

When your friend (victim) is away from the computer, sneak into their office, and unplug the keyboard from the computer. In my case, it was the purple colored plug.

I would actually do this to my mom, but I like not being grounded

  recommendationby wannabeharleyguy
plug in a wireless keyboard instead of the one plugged in now, and when they start typing, type random gibberish, and then hit the windows key +down

Step 2: The Odd Mouse

Once again, do this when they are away from the computer. Open up the control panel, click mouse, and go to buttons, click the box that says switch primary and secondary buttons, then make the double click speed the fastest possible.

Then, go to pointers, and change their normal select mouse to the load sign they normally use.
Finally, go to pointer options, and set the pointer speed to the slowest possible.

You shall now have a confusing mouse to use, and if your friend is an idiot on a computer, he wont be able to fix it.

Step 3: The Broken Desktop

There are way to many of these already posted, but I like this one, personally.

Step 4: Weird Keyboard Keys

1. Get a flat head screwdriver, or other stiff, flat object.
2. Pry out a few keyboard keys by putting in the screwdriver under the key, and putting steady force up, slowly.
3. Keep doing this for a few keys.
4. Put key in places other than their original spot.

Step 5: Final Notes

Remember, most of these will only work on a computer n00b.

Sorry, I still am a programming noob, so I can't show you any batch file daemons&

I did a few of these last year, but I don't have reaction shots, and I don't want to really do them again for some reason

I will probably think of something much better in the long run, but these were things I've actually done.

Have fun screwing with people!



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    IMPORTANT:  You mean to change the pointer SPEED, like you say in the text. 

    If you want to change the slider that it shows, move the slider to the FAST setting. this means they have to be Superman on a computer to open it with a double-click. If it's on the slow click, they won't notice a change.

    3 replies

    my double-click speed is set to full all of the time. You realy dont need to be Superman to do that.

    But most people don't, and when it doesn't work for them at their normal double-clicking speeds, they probably won't try doing it faster.

     Oops, I mean the slider for the folder opening speed in the first photo.

    here's an awesome one for laptops that belong to clumsey peoples. *DISCLAMER* this is NOT mine it was already on this site i do NOT claim this as my own. 1.)Set this https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FSI/MICA/FSSIKWPQ/FSIMICAFSSIKWPQ.jpg
    as your background. 2.)XP: >Right click in an open space on the desktop > Go to the submenu "Arrange Icons By" and then uncheck "Show Desktop Icons" VISTA >Right click in an open space on the desktop >Go to "View" and then uncheck Show desktop Icons 3.) right click your start menu and click properties. Check Auto-Hide Taskbar. it now looks like a completely f*cked screen (srry for long comment)

    One of my favorites is to put all of the icons in their "all programs" list ie: "C:\Documents and Settings\user\Start Menu" deep into a list of subdirectories so that they have to go through 30 folders before they get to the program icons. Basically, hit start, right click on "all programs" and hit open. Cut (or copy and delete later to be safer) everything in that directory and then make a directory, enter it, and make a new one, enter it.... then when you have done this 30 times paste their icons in the final directory.

    1 reply

    or you could just put a link to all their programs in the startup folder.  that oughta mess up their computer for a while the next time they try to turn it on...

    I know one! This will make all the icons disappear off the desktop. XP: >Right click in an open space on the desktop > Go to the submenu "Arrange Icons By" and then uncheck "Show Desktop Icons" VISTA >Right click in an open space on the desktop >Go to "View" and then uncheck Show desktop Icons

    interesting.. about the one from step 1, it would of been better to just switch the mouse and keyboard(if the are both ps/2) between them. that looks like a kind of bios virus(not sure those exist) and it might scare someone more experienced than a noob. it happened to me once and a friend of my mom had to come and tried to reinstall win, then realized I plugged the keyboard in the wrong place, cuz the colors from the motherboard plugs and the little pics from the case don't match

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    the only problem is that the computer should be off when changing them because unplugging a PS/2 device and plugging it back in will lead to disabling of the device until reboot (the computer won't even detect it).

    When your friend is away from his computer, press printscreen key, save picture somewhere, set this picture as wallpaper. Lock the session and move the dialog to make it invisible for example lower right bound of screen.

    make the scroll wheel thing like 1000 lines per turn

    The automatically move pointer to default button means it just goes straight to the button that is normally pressed, if you see what i mean. It is bloody annoying. Good trick.

    And if the computer in question is a laptop?

    hey i wanna pull them at school

    the wonderfulness of the internetz and LOLcatz

    Just to let you know CPU stands for central processing unit (your computers processor) It would be kind of hard to plug a keyboard into that ;)

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    eh, i knew something was wrong with that word, thanks, I'll fix that.