Quick Easy Glow Jars


Introduction: Quick Easy Glow Jars

Greet your ghostly and goblin guest's with these cute little glowing jack-O-lanterns.

Step 1: Mask

Wipe the jar down with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove finger prints.

I then used 2 inch masking tape to completely cover the jar ( I don't like over spray ) .

Step 2: Draw, Cut, Peel,

Using a sharpie I drew on some creepy faces, carefully cut the faces out using an razor knife, spray the jars with flat black spray paint 2 coats did the trick for me. After the paint is dry, carefully peel the masking tape off.

Step 3: Adding the Glow

For each jar I used 1 glow stick.

Break the glow stick to activate the chemicals and carefully cut the top off the tube, pour the liquid into the jar and seal it up. Dispose of the empty glow stick carefully.

Now just swirl the liquid around inside the jar to coat the inside.

These lasted 2 hours, from the time I poured them till they were dead.

Caution: Glow sticks contain chemicals that should be handled and treated with respect.

Most glow sticks contain a small glass vial inside the plastic tube that
contains a mixture of hydrogen peroxide in phthalic ester. Outside of the glass vial is another chemical called phenyl oxalate ester.

More info on dangers of opening glow sticks

Thanks for looking.

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I hear there is quite a bit of cheap real estate in and around Chernobyl.

I have jars similar to this that I painted the inside with glow-in-the-dark paint. They don't glow nearly as bright as the glow stick, but they are still going strong since I made them 2 years ago. Since the glow-in-the-dark paint makes the glass "foggy" I have placed the dollar store battery operated tea lights into them during parties to give them a glow when it wasn't dark.

It fluoresces quit brightly, but it's a pale blue color, not the dayglo you might get from the other methods. Even works if there happens to be a little gin in that tonic :)

love it so simple but looks amazeing

Great instructable! I'm making some tonight!

good job on the little faces. that's what makes it really work.

Gee, who emptied their bladder in your breakfast cereal this morning?

You could rinse out the jars and store them till next Samhain, no?

1) Glow stick fluid is non-toxic. 2) Jars are not sterile... at least not until you sterilize it. ;)

Fun project! If you have a blacklight you can get a similar effect by filling the jars with tonic water which fluoresces light blue under UV rather spookily. You can even float things in it for added effect. Tonic water is inexpensive and safe. Refill every year for endless fun.



2 years ago

that's so cool and I've already got every thing so I'm definitely going to make sum of these

Thanks for sharing your cool jars

Very cute. ? I went to the local dollar store and they had small glo bracelets which may be an alternative to breaking the glo sticks.

Awesome! Very creative. I would like to see the glow time extended. Can you reglow a 2nd time?

1 reply

You would need to wash out the spent liquid and use another glow stick, Unfortunately there is no way to undo the chemical reaction after it has begun.

how dose it glow? what is your light source?