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When you are pregnant you will routinely meet women who say: "Oh, I lOVED being pregnant. Just loved it!" (Try to avoid these women when you are feeling particularly stabby). Strangely, you never hear this ringing endorsement from women who actually ARE pregnant. This is because many, many aspects of being pregnant truly suck.

One of them is that your belly grows larger and straight outwards. This can make sleeping tricky, because lying on your side becomes uncomfortable. Your lump wants support. Here's a quick and easy pillow that will get you through the mid-to-holy crap stages of largeness.

Step 1: The One and Only Step!

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Get an old mankey pillow and remove the stuffing. Then, take a sturdy pillowcase and sew as I have done here. I'm not going to describe the steps involved - the pics are self explanatory.

Tips: I tried a couple of layouts; and the depression in between the lump might seem narrow but it's the best. Remember, you are a thin person locked inside a fat person's other words, the lump lies on the pillow, so you only need the gap to be as wide as you were BL (Before Lump). The small depression in the middle helps wedge the pillow in against your front and back.

I also made the mound at the back wider than the one at the front, this is because you tend to want to roll back more than forward and it helps keep it in place.

Finally - this looks pretty crude but it is study, and really works. You could make it neater and tidier but most pregnant women have other things to do, like putting baby latches on the plutonium cabinet.


lurwah (author)2009-03-10

An Instructable without instructions. It's a nice idea, you might want to expand a bit more, to get people interested.

BriannaS19 (author)lurwah2016-09-16

Nope, i think she hit it right on the nail.. I must do this lol your a genius

boblin (author)2012-09-28

Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing.

texacaliutahgirl (author)2010-11-10

I am making this today! I can't wait. Thank you for this amazing idea!

LaLasha (author)2010-09-19

I dis like being pregnant but I really love babies they are just the best and I like the little girls mine have become

Solera (author)2010-02-07

I only loved the end result of my pregnancy- meeting my little girl. Anywho, I think some instructions would be of service to the many who can not read the pictures and figure out what you did. It's good concept but keep in mind- everyone's different.

watermelonhead (author)2009-06-30

"This is because many, many aspects of being pregnant truly suck." lol, i cant wait!

kinawera (author)2009-03-11

Hmm, instructions. Well, stuff just under half the fluff from the dead pillow into the bottom of the pillowcase and hem it in. Then, leave a gap and sew another line of stitching parallel with the first one. Then, stuff in remaining pillow fluff. Then roll over edge and bind it shut. Then: Sleep! I'll attempt to get a pic of me sleeping on it. It's not a flattering look; one resembles a baked good.

stasterisk (author)2009-03-10

nice trick! can you get a photo of you using it?

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