Introduction: Quick Gift-package Enhancing

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Make a cool package for your small gift.

Step 1: The Gift

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We wanted to give our friend this "necklace". It's quite nice, shiny, made from glass.

But the idea of packing it into a simple box with ribbon wasn't satisfying - 'couse we're engineers! :P

Step 2: LED It Out! ;)

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The gift was shiny, the can was shiny, the ribbon was shiny... damn, we need more shine in there! Yes, we need light! Light emitting diode! :D

Brilliant idea! Shine the inside of our can with LED. Hey, but that's not enough - let's make this gift sweeter! Let's find some sweets! Shiny sweets ofcourse!

And here we have a full gift-package kit...

Step 3: Let There Be Light!

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Now, all we need to do is light up the led, and throw all the ingredients inside the can :)

We used a "flux" type LED - it has 4 legs. You need to bend them, so they would hold the batteries tight.

Step 4: Gift in the Hole!

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Now throw all the collected stuff into the can. We've done it in order shown on the picture in second step.

Oh, and one more thing - because our gift has a lot of black string and it somehow dimms-down the light inside the can, we added a shiny aluminium "cup" from tealight to separate it from other shiny things inside.

Check out the result - nice, green shine :) Close it and give it :)

PS. It should work at least a couple of hours - depends on batteries.


Robot Brain (author)2008-03-12

What kind of can is it?

acaz93 (author)Robot Brain2008-03-12

it is a tea/coffee can , used to hold the grains or mixture

Evil Bike (author)acaz932008-11-27

where can you get one of those?

acaz93 (author)Evil Bike2008-11-27

Dunno, I saw some of them (with a christmas pattern ) in a local dollar store , they cost ... one dollar each

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-03-12

Nice! led is a nice touch. Great instructable

GorillazMiko (author)2008-03-12

Wow, nice job. I've never seen that kind of LED before. I think I have actually, nevermind, but they're... strange. Great job, what kind of can is it? +1 rating.

pixelrider (author)GorillazMiko2008-03-12

It's a cheap aluminium can, found in Tea Shop - for tea/coffee storage. We were lucky to find a clean one - without any pattern/paint on it ;)

Aar000n3y (author)2008-03-12

Wow, that looks pretty cool. Nice job.

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