Make a one-of-a-kind Heart Print Card in a matter of minutes using markers, water, brush, scissors and paper. First, use markers to color a heart shape, then cut it out, add water to make the colors run together, place the heart on a folded paper for a one-of-a-kind Heart Print Card!

Step 1: Color a Heart Shape.

Use waterbased markers to color a heart shape on a piece of white paper. If you don't have markers you can try food coloring but be careful because it stains easily! I used warm colors with this example (reds, yellows, and oranges)--can you tell I'm an art teacher?
oh god the ideas for this are just rushing through my head, 5 kids school holidays. excellent ! thanks :)
This is really nice Thank you for sharing !
I think its great! Good work
Thank you for adding a comment. I'm new to this and think its pretty neat!

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