Quick organizer (made with a discarded keyboard)

Picture of Quick organizer (made with a discarded keyboard)
This is my second instructable of my artistic residence, born of the need of having an organizer for my tools and materials. So I took a discarded ergonomic keyboard, two plastic containers (found with the colander of my last instructable, on the back alley of a Chinesse restaurant. Again, don't ask!), a plastic piece for balance, bolts and nuts; and I made a basic organizer with two shelves. It took me twenty minutes and it's a good way to recycle your damaged keyboard, it doen't matter the shape.

Oh, and this is my fiftieth instructable! :-)

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this organizer I used:
  • 2 plastic containers (washed, cleaned and desinfected)
  • 1 Damaged ergonomic keyboard
  • Some plastic piece (for back support)
  • 1 Corner brace inside L (2in. x 5/8in.)
  • Nuts, bolts and washers.
  • 3 Screws (for hanging the pliers)


Dremel Rotary Tool
Wire cutters
Screwdriver kit
Super Glue

And don't forget:

1. If you don't have it, replace it!
2. Use protective equipment (dust mask and goggles)
3. Beware of drilled and soldered hot surfaces
4. Work in a good ventilated area.
5. Always have junk in stock.
6. Have fun.

Step 2: First shelf

You must work over a flat surface as a table. Take the first container and attach the keyboard bigger part. Check stability. Probably the keyboard will be too heavy, so this problem will be fixed on the next step.

Step 3: Back support

For stability (remember: you will put stuff in both shelves) you have to make a back support I used a plastic piece attached thanks to the corner brace. Fix it to the first shelf.

Step 4: Second shelf

Picture of Second shelf
Take the other container and put it on top. Attach it the same way the first shelf.
dworley1 year ago
Two things: I had no idea the back of this thing was a keyboard and also I had no idea you made it. From the front it looks like something bought at a store.

I should really pay more attention around the office.
M.C. Langer (author)  dworley1 year ago
Thanks Dworley. And if you check it now, you will find I add some extra features, like a box, post-its, a porta-pen, screwdrivers organizer and magnet for keeping the scissors at hand. :-)
sunshiine1 year ago
I will share this with hubby! He is always complaining about not being organized! Congrats on 50 instructables! Have a splendorous sunshiny day!
M.C. Langer (author)  sunshiine1 year ago
Thanks a lot Sunshiine!!! SOMEDAY I HAVE TO MEET YOU!!!!! :-)
I would love that! I will supply the dessert and maybe you can bring the Colombian coffee for hubby! I told him you said it was the best world wide!
M.C. Langer (author)  sunshiine1 year ago
Perfect! But I can buy Colombian coffee in U.S., because Colombia exports almost all its coffee (sadly, we drink Vietnamese coffee... it's funny!)
I was thinking it might not be as fresh! I am not a coffee drinker so I wouldn't know! Is Vietnamese coffee better?
M.C. Langer (author)  sunshiine1 year ago
I don't know. As you, I'm not a frecuent coffee drinker. These taste the same for me :-)
I love the way coffee smells BUT not the way it taste! Have a nice night!
M.C. Langer (author)  sunshiine1 year ago
You too! :-)