Picture of Quick release paracord bracelet

I will be showing you kind folks how to make a awesome looking paracord bracelet, that is also quick release. It's a great looking style, that can also hold a decent amount of cordage.

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Step 1: Gather your materials!

Picture of Gather your materials!

So for this bracelet you will need a few things.

15 feet of paracord (length depends on size of wrist)

A small anchor shackle (can be purchased at home depot)

A flame generator (aka-a lighter)

a Knife

- optional

A small binder clip

A sharpie

Step 2: The first knot!

Picture of The first knot!

The first step is to find the middle of your cord. Once found, tie a lark's head around the shackle. To do this put the middle of the paracord through the shackle. Then take the ends of the paracord and put them through the loop, then pull tight.

Step 3: Sizing your wrist.

Picture of Sizing your wrist.

Sizing your wrist is very easy. To do so, lay the shackle on your wrist and wrap the paracord around your wrist and put it through the shackle. Then just mark where the paracord folds over the screw on part of the shackle. **DO NOT MAKE IT TOO TIGHT. MAKE IT SO IT IS LOOSE** so when ever I make this bracelet it always ends up being too small the first try, so even if you want the finished bracelet tight, mark the paracord so it is loose on your wrist. Once marked remove it from your wrist.

Step 4: Folding the paracord

Picture of Folding the paracord

Now what you have to do is very simple. Find the point where you marked the paracord with the sharpie. Once found, take the rest of the paracord and fold it back over the shackle. Make sure that the lark's head knot is facing the way I show you in the first photo. It is at this point where you can use a binder clip to clamp the fold down you just made. By doing this you create core strands that will be works on to finish the bracelet. The two pieces of paracord running back to the shackle will be the working stands of the rope.

overcomer86 months ago
Great project do you know what the knot is called?
CaseBoy (author)  overcomer85 months ago
I don't unfortunately.
seamster11 months ago

Very nice! I love the excellent, clear photos.