Going to a fancy dress party? Or wanting to be a little devil for Halloween?
Here's a quick and simple method for making some nice little horns.

Step 1: Materials and Preparation

The main material is sponge pipe lagging. It's used to stop water pipes from freezing in winter and is available at many hardware stores and DIY outlets. It's very cheap, I got a 2" diameter piece 3 feet long for £1.15 GBP (less than two dollars US).

If you are having difficulty finding this stuff you could use 'pool noodles' instead - just Google them.

Using a sharp knife, cut a section off as long as you want your horns. I cut a piece about 2 1/2" long (7 cms). Cut this in half, then in half again. Next carefully cut from the centre at one end to the edge at the other, repeat for all the lengths. This will leave you with 4 large triangular sections and 8 smaller ones. Enough to make 6 sets of horns!
<p>This is really cool! this year I'm being a satyr, so I needed this style of horns!</p>
brilliant yet devilishly simple! I can't tell you how many of your I-tbles I've used in costume making, thank you for sharing
You're most welcome.
how long does the glue or watever last... like, how long will it stick and is it for one time use or multiple uses?<br>
All the theatrical glues are designed to hold until removed. If correctly applied they will easily last all day long. For areas that flex or sweat a lot it's advised to use spirit gum or Pros-aide, but latex works very well on non-flexing areas.<br><br>All these prosthetics are designed for multiple use.
haha ima wear these to school on halloween. :) but they look awesome... good work
Nice job. Glad to see you mentioned the proper adhesives! Years ago I made some horns for Halloween and attached them using rubber cement. When the horns came off, so did my skin! I had two strange scabs on my forehead for a couple of weeks.
Looks awesome... They kinda look like over sized candy corn! I love it!
why would you put this up now and not near halloween?
Because my friend, I use them all the time and I had to make up 17 sets for a customer delivering an SFX make up course.
GNARLEY ! ! I actually liked the way they looked b4 painting. Im saving this one for next years haunted house

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