Introduction: Quick Smartphone Tripod Mount

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This mounts a simple light use one for desktop videos etc, however a more serious one's in the works. 

It takes a few minutes to build and I imagine you can substitute materials easily. 

I used: 

 - A food sealer clip, you know the big plastic ones
 - A tripod mount piece from a webcam (if not 1/4 inch coarse thread nut is what you need
  - Sugru, though hot glue would do the job
 - An elastic band

Oh and this time I used a dab of hair gel on my fingers to stop the sugru sticking to my fingers, didn't work as well as moisturizer does, so use that or soapy water. Also when you're doing DIY, always wash your hands before going to the toilet, it wasn't as bad as the time I was painting the shed but it's never a good thing...

Step 1: Cut the Plastic

Picture of Cut the Plastic

I need to cut the end off of the food clip so it could go around one side of the phone. 

I also had to cut the thin strip from the middle of the plastic channel, it's worth noting that the size and shape of these should make them hold most smartphones pretty nicely, the iPhone 4 fits well as does my Xperia X10...

Step 2: Sugru the Mount/nut

Picture of Sugru the Mount/nut

Mount it up with sugru, some underneath to press it in to and make sure it grips all around... 

Step 3: Slot It In, Oh and Put on a Rubber! Band...

Picture of Slot It In, Oh and Put on a Rubber! Band...

Slot the phone in to the plastic and chuck the rubber band around it. 

Step 4: Put on Tripod

Picture of Put on Tripod

Enjoy smoother, stiller videos with your phone, or using it as a webcam...


Ray-l-l (author)2011-06-02

Nice idea. I will have to give it a go with my x10.

Dr. Pepper (author)2011-01-21

Very creative!


Cheers... back

Jayefuu (author)2010-11-15

Nice. It's a really good idea, but it looks a bit rushed. I'd probably have ditched the cheap looking elastic band and extended the sugru up and in to pinch the phone in several places. Once cured it could have gripped it quite nicely.

The food bag gripper makes a perfect slot though. Nice idea.

killerjackalope (author)Jayefuu2010-11-15

Originally I tried that idea but the weight of these phones mean that gripping it with just one side only works for a perfectly straight up position...

I have plans for a much nicer one, this was just a little on the go experiment that came as a sideline from another project which weirdly led completely off to another...

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