Just a quick mod to make a one finger stapler shoot staples.
Just got board and started tinkering with a "one finger, 20 sheet power" stapler. I got mine at staples.
This wont work on every one touch stapler i know for sure that it works on a paper pro.

Step 1: Will It Work With My Stapler?

now this will only work if your stapler has a safety on the "front" of it; and if its one of the new high power ones.
I didn't get to the third pages before a staple went into my thumb... haha
cool, I'm doing his with the paper pro nano... it has lot of fire power behind it.
dude post that, i need to know how to do that. (i just got a paper pro nano.)
The PaperPro you have actually isn't the first model. I have a slightly older model that doesn't even have a safety :)
Looks Lethal :) Im gonna try it tommorrow

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