Quick stylish raincoat out of garbage bag and USPS tape @TechShop

This I made off the cuff (get it?) last night at TechShop <> when my wind breaker fell off my rack >:( I'll miss it! it was sky blue and had reflective scrolly embroidery. So I went under the sink and got a garbage bag and took some mail tape from outta the office supplies and 10min later I had this stylish raincoat together. It almost looks like a leather jacket. i'm gonna eventually add some velcro to the back and a sine in reflective
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Step 1: Cut the neck

Picture of cut the neck
cut out the neck hole

Step 4: Make the sleeves

Picture of make the sleeves
cut out the sleeves so they taper and tape up the seam

Step 5: Tape on the sleeves

Picture of tape on the sleeves
put the sleeves inside the vest part and tape them on

Step 6: Tape up the rest

Picture of tape up the rest
tape on the other side

Step 7: Werk it!

Picture of werk it!
soon, i'm gonna add a panel on the front and some sticky velcro to make it open at the front.
ilpug2 years ago
A great build! I shall make one!