Ever get tired of your pillow getting hot, and needing to flip it, just to let it get hot again? Well, this may solve your problem.

Materials needed:

-Your pillow without a pillowcase
-A PRINTED T-shirt (long or short sleeve, no polos or other kinds of shirts, hoodies, etc) which can fit on your pillow. Old ones you don't wear, old ones you like but don't wear, or ones you get for free in promotions/events are recommended, you just don't go buy a new shirt for a pillow.

Step 1: Instructions

put the shirt on the pillow. graphics facing up. If there are graphics on the back, the largest one or the one that covers more area faces up. You will rest your head on the graphic.
Omg are you my twin I have the same t-shirt and the same bedspread SCARY.....and my pillow gets warm so easily....sarcasm is my weapon.
It is scary. Which one of these shirts do you have? Also, what do you mean by bedspread? I get your joke, but I'm a guy not girl, I just found the ladies shirt in my house
<p>Nice idea if you're on a budget, won't stay cool for too long though. You could always try a cooling pillow like this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GloYp6IrD8w</p>
love the cartoon
That's a pretty neat idea

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